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Faculty and staff email will be moved to a new email management system, and the "law" prefix will be removed from the "From" field in all outgoing College of Law emails.


  • What is changing?
    • There are two stages to this process
    • First, the "law" prefix will be removed from users' email accounts
      • Email addresses are currently in format "[netid]" will be changed to "[netid]"
    • After this has occurred, the backend email system will be switched
      • This will be largely invisible to the end user
  • When is this change taking place?
    • The initial change – dropping of "law" in email addresses – will occur early in 2021.
      • A specific date has not yet been announced
    • The second change – migration to the new email system – will occur on a rolling basis later in the Spring 2021 semester
  • Can I opt out of this change?
    • No.  All current Law accounts will be changed in the above ways.
  • Will I still receive emails addressed to me at "[netid]"
    • Yes.  All emails sent to your previous address will continue to be delivered to your inbox.
  • What is happening to shared and generic accounts?
    • Shared and generic accounts will also be migrated.
    • In instances in which the account names are distinct or unambiguously associated with the Law school, they will retain the same format
    • In instances in which an account name becomes ambiguous or could lead to confusion, the address format will change
      • ex. cannot become without becoming easily confused with a central university admissions account
      • These accounts will be changed to an unambiguous address (, for example (please note that this is only an example; the ultimate address for Law Admissions may be in a slightly different format)).
      • Emails sent to the previous "law" address will then be routed to the newly-created inbox
  • Will I need to notify anyone?
    • In most instances, there will be no need to reach out to other parties
    • External listservs not administered by Syracuse University will need to be notified of your address change
      • These lists typically restrict posts to a specific email address, and may reject posts from ""
  • Will I need to change my email settings?
    • The Outlook app on your university-supplied desktop or laptop will not require any changes
    • Mail apps on your phone, tablet, or personal PC will need to be updated by removing your "" account and connecting your "" account
  • How do I find help with this process?
    • Questions may be sent to
    • This document will also be updated as additional frequently asked questions are submitted
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