Important Information

This guide only relates to the Syracuse University College of Law Library printers. This does not impact how you use other printers on campus.

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As of Monday, July 29th, 2019, the College of Law Library has implemented a print release queue. This enables security for print jobs to be released under the supervision of whomever sent it while also allowing the library to save resources for print jobs that may have been printed in error.

Do I have to install or change anything?

There is nothing additional for you to install and/or change in order to print to the Law Library printers. The instructions on installing the printers for macOS and Windows are the same and can be found below.

What happens when I print something?

When printing to the Law Library printers, the print job will be held in a queue and not automatically released.

How to Release a Print Job

Kiosk Information

The Law Library Print Kiosks are setup to automatically log you out after 30 seconds of inactivity.

  1. Visit one of the Law Library Print Release Kiosks
    1. Located to the right of each copier on the first and second floor

  2. When you visit the kiosk, enter your NetID and NetID password.

  3. Upon logging in, you will be able to see your pending print jobs and what printer they are going to be released to. You have the option to release/cancel all of your jobs OR release/cancel your jobs one-by-one.

  4. After releasing or canceling your print jobs, you can either sign out or wait 30 seconds and the kiosk will automatically sign you out.
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