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All student organizations and journals each have their own listserv to use. 

Access to it should be requested to by the organization / journal leader. 

Once access is given:

Go to:

'Get a LISTSERV password'  (under 'Getting Started')                                                      

Register listserv password

Using your SU email address, create a password.

ListServ will email you with a verification link you will need to click on to complete the process.

Once you have a password, you can go to: and choose 'List Management Interface' (under 'ListServ Frequently Used Links')   Log in using email address and password you just created.

Click on 'List Management' from top toolbar and choose 'Subscriber Management' from the dropdown.

Be sure your listserv is showing under 'Select List'

You can add / delete / change email addresses in the box that opens.

Subscriber management box

You can send bulk add / deletes to   -  Be sure to include email addresses in your request.

To email the listserv, the sender's email address must be on the list.

Send email to     (replacing  ListName   with the name of the listserv)   Ex.:


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