Materials Distribution (ordering shred pick-up)

  1. When needing shred bins picked up, you will need either a Standing ID for the current fiscal year or a one-time ID (sometimes helpful for a specific event or grant funds).
  2. Please email a pdf of the ID and any supporting information to the COL Budget Office to obtain authorized signature.
  3. Once the ID is approved, the budget office will email a copy to you and Materials Distribution for use.  
  4. In order to use the ID and request service, the department will need to log in to the following form:
  5. For the section that states “Interdepartmental Order Form Number (Enter N/A if supplying Chartstring)” College of Law requires employees to enter an approved  ID # (can be one time or a standing ID).
    1. Please do not add N/A.
  6. There should be a comment section, and you may find it useful to mention if you have boxes being picked up or if you will need an empty shred bin to replace.
  7.  Also please tape a copy of the ID to the bin or boxes being picked up.
  8. Its possible pick-up will occur even if nobody is in the office. Department may want to confirm this when requesting service.
    1. Contact person is Noni, she will assist you will any questions.
  9. Email with a copy of the IT form request, subject line of the email should include the ID number and purpose.
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