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Please ask Joel any questions about the process.


  • Set download location
  • Append date to item title
  • Download video file
  • Upload video to Kaltura
  • Change owner in Kaltura

Set download location

  • Before beginning, ensure that the download folder is set to the shared folder
  • Check with Joel for folder path

Append date to item title

  • [If date is already at end of item title, ignore these steps]
  • Click the media name to open summary page
  • Click Edit tab
  • Make note of date field on right side
  • Add to end of item title 
  • Click Save

Download Video file

  • Click media name to open summary page
  • Click Download Video Podcast (not simply "Download" if present)

Archive the Mediasite item

  • Tick the box for the item to select it
  • Click More > Move
  • Navigate to and select LAW > Save and Migrate Summer 21 > the folder that the item currently is in > Downloaded (task complete)
  • Click Ok
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