• The mycode is strictly an optional field to be used for any special tracking needs the owner of the chartfield may have. 
  • Mycode is always a six digit numeric value.
  • Mycodes are utilized to isolate expenses for a particular person or event. This is especially ideal when multiple funding sources are utilized as the mycode will link the funds in reports. 

For more information regarding the assignment and use of mycodes, please reach out to lawbudget@syr.edu to see if a mycode is assigned for your specific need. 

If you need a new mycode to be assigned, please provide the following details:

  1.  Proposed Name for the Mycode (limited to 30 characters)
  2. Effective date - the default effective date is the date the mycode is created. Please indicate the date you need the mycode to be effective so Budget can ensure to input by that date.
    1. If the date is in the past we will have to work with main campus to adjust the date.
  3. Is this a new mycode or replacing an old mycode that is no longer needed?
    1. If replacing, what mycode is no longer needed and why?
    2. Please reach out to lawbudget@syr.edu if you would like a link of active mycodes associated with your department. 

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