The web based Travel & Expense reimbursement system for out of pocket spending is to be used for employees only. Therefore paper reimbursement forms should be used for reimbursements to non-employees. 

The electronic templates for Employee Expense Reimbursements and Travel Vouchers (new form available as of 1/1/23) are available on the BFAS Forms page and are only to be used for non-employees.

The following information relates specifically to the College of Law and is to be used as guidance specifically for College of Law employees. These guidelines are subject to change as SU Procedures and Policies change.

Travel Voucher

This is a Microsoft Excel form (select image below) that is used to request reimbursement of out of pocket expenses related to University business travel. Please note that the form has two tabs.

 Complete the daily detail worksheet first. The total from the daily detail will automatically come across to the expense report worksheet. Use the Expense Report tab to move to the Expense Report Worksheet. Complete the entire expense report worksheet indicating the travel order number if one was issued for a travel advance

  • Please make sure to fill in highlighted sections of the sample below.
  • Once the excel file is complete save to your working files. The excel should then be converted to a PDF, merged with all receipts and supporting information into one packet.
    • If you are unfamiliar with merging pdf documents please reach out to Budget or IT. 
    • Paper documents (invoice, receipts, etc) should be scanned scan, copied, or Microsoft Lens used to create a PDF.
  • Other file types such as  jpg (such as a picture take with cellphone), emails, and word documents should be converted  into a PDF.
  • The completed packet order should be Expense Report, Daily Detail, Itemized receipts in date order, followed by any approvals or supporting information for the expense. 
  • See separate guideline for Per Diem Instructions.

Expense reimbursement

A purchase requisition should be used to reimburse a non-employee for our of pocket expense. This form is not used to request reimbursement of travel expenses. 

For the College of Law this form is typically used for student reimbursements. For reimbursements to consultants, an invoice should be provided. 

The requisition should outlines the funding (chartstring), details of the expense being reimbursed, the business purpose, and who is being reimbursed (name, SUID, address).

  • Please make sure all sections of the PR are complete:
    • Assign a unique requisition # on top of the form
    • The date the req is completed (top and center section of the form)
    • Student Name and address can be listed in the vendor section or main body. The address listed should match their permanent address in myslice, as this is where payment will be mailed. 
    • Dept contact info to include the name & extension of the person completing the form.
    • A complete business purpose (always think who, what, when, where, and why – would someone outside the COL be able to understand who and why with the info provided?).
      • Student SUID provided, and preferably their class year or clearly stated College of Law student.
    • Attach any invoice, receipt, method of payment shown, and approval to support the request as one completed pdf packet.
      • If student funding, approval of funding source must be provided.
    • File Naming Convention – Requisition ###### First Name Last Name $amount 

Guidelines for Travel Advances

Guidelines for Travel Expenses

Travel FAQs

Travel Policy

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