Receipts Submitted with Reimbursement Requests and Pro Card Transactions:

  1. The receipt is proof of payment – indicating amount paid, date paid, and method of payment.
    1. An original itemized transaction receipt from the vendor is required for all transactions. This includes restaurant receipts as well.  Make sure to take the customer copies of the itemization and the approval.
  2. The maximum allowable Tip is 20% of the Pre-tax Subtotal.
    1. This applies to all services such as restaurants and Ubers.
  3. If sales tax is included on the receipt:
    1. Check against the State Sales Tax Exemption listing only available]
    2. Add an explanation for subsequent reviewers (i.e. “SU is not Sales Tax exempt in DC”, “SU is Sales Tax exempt in XX therefore tax is not included in reimbursement request”, or “…a refund of the tax has been requested and is in process”).
    3. If Sales Tax is included on a receipt as part of an Employee Expense Voucher the tax amount can be reimbursed.

Include department expense report with receipts if required for your department.

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