University departments: please ensure that before the end of each spring semester you complete and submit the Departmental Annual Standing ID Form (formerly the “VIP Form”) along with an original, signed payment ID with authorized budget signature.

Or you can use a one-time ID outlining the specific business purpose and chartstring (ideal for special events, events being reimbursed, or when needing a mycode or project #), with authorized budget signature.

  • Parking will not process a reservation if they don’t have an ID on file upon request – this can be a Standing ID or a one-time ID.
    • If you have a specific event in which you may need to isolate the expense, it’s preferred to submit a one-time ID.
    • Parking posts expenses once a month. So if the ID is utilized multiple times in a month, the expense will show on the GL as one lump amount for that month.
    • FY24 parking rate is $7.75/car (
      • Departments with Standing IDs must keep an itemized log when the ID is used
  • If you have an event and want guests to pay for their own parking, it’s possible to arrange a special rate for the event with Parking Services (; Main Line 315.443.4652)
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