As required by the Physical Plant, an approved requisition must be completed and uploaded when requesting their service, ie: a Billed Service (such as custodial and furniture moves).  As outlined in the section Requisitions (PR), please complete the template as follows:

Please make sure to complete all sections in the requisition:

  1. Requisition Number - A unique requisition number must be added to the form (this number will replace 000000 on the form and in the file name) when submitting for a direct payment.
    1. Please reach out to to have a range of PR numbers assigned for your use. Or you may use a requisition number from any hardcopy PR’s you may have in your possession.
  2. Requisition Date -Date of submission
  3. Charge to Account Numbers - enter chartstring . If using sponsored funds, submitter should also include the project tail.
    1. This can also be split into two lines, but associated amount for each line must be listed.
    2. Attach any special approvals supporting the chartstring designation to the email submission to  This does not need to be merged with the requisition.
    3. If restricted funds are used, then the requisition will need to be approved by Restricted Accounting (Fund 15) prior to uploading to the Physical Plant. 
  4. Requested By - name of Employee Submitting the request and their extension
  5. Hand-Written Approval - Budget Office Approval and can only be completed by a University authorized signer. 
  6. Vendor Name and Number - enter Physical Plant
  7. Requesting Department - enter the department name and address
  8. Total Cost- list the total amount due, estimate or TBD
  9. Detailed Business purpose - this is essential and must answer who, what, when, where and why. 
  10. The file naming convention for PRs as directed by Disbursements is:
    1. Requisition 123456 Physical Plant Event XYZ 7/1/23”  (this is the PR number, vendor name, event details)

Submit the completed PR and related attachments to for approval. Once approved, Budget will email you the approved PR for you to coordinate with Restricted Accounting (if applicable) and  Law Facilities at

Law Facilities will upload the approved PR to they physical plant form as the official service request. 

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