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The information below details a new procedure for setting up personal laptops to print in the Law Library, introduced in Spring 2022.  This information supersedes the previous SURA-based printing method for Windows Laptops.

Please click here for instructions for setting up MacOS computers.

Set Username and Password

These steps will securely store a Windows credential, which will then be used to grant access to the printer.  

  • Manual configuration
    • Open search feature in task bar
    • Type "manage windows credentials" and click to open the Manage Windows Credentials control panel search result
    • Click Add a Windows Credential
    • Enter the information below in each field, substituting your own NetID and password.  Note the orientation of the "\" characters
      • Internet or network address
        • \\
      • Username
        • ad\NetID
      • Password
        • your password
    • Click OK
    • Close Credential Manager window
    • Proceed to Printer Setup section below
  • After password change

    • After changing your SU password, the connection to Library printings will stop functioning
    • Follow the steps above to access the Windows Credentials Manager
    • Enter your new password and click OK to confirm
    • Printers should now function as before

Printer Setup

These steps will install the printer driver and add the Library printers to your computer

  • Download driver by clicking this link
  • Double click file and follow prompts to extract folder
  • Open the extracted folder ("Generic_Plus_UFRII_v2.50_Set-up_x64")
  • Double click Setup.exe to begin setup
  • Click Next
  • Click Yes to agree to terms
  • Select Custom configuration and click Next
  • Click Next (no need to check the box for Canon Driver Information Assist Service)
  • Select "Auto Select" and click Next
  • Click Add Port...
    • Select "Local Port" and click OK
    • Enter port name exactly as below, noting the orientation of the "\" characters
      • \\\law-library140
    • Click Ok
  • Click Next
  • Click Start
  • When installation is complete, select Exit
  • Repeat the process to install the second floor library printer
    • Substituting port name:
      • \\\law-library240
    • and selecting "restart my computer" on the Exit screen

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