What do I do if My university credit Card was Lost or Stolen?

Lost or stolen credit cards shall be documented immediately, and the following steps are to be followed:

  • The cardholder is to report the incident to his/her immediate supervisor with a copy to the Budget Manager. 
  • The supervisor or cardholder is to immediately contact Chase’s 24-hour toll-free answer center at 800.270.7760. Your card will be closed. Please ask that a replacement be sent out as soon as possible.

*If you need a Rush replacement, there will be a $25 rush fee applied to your account.

  • The cardholder or supervisor also needs to contact the MCCP at 315.443.1957 or by email at JPMCSUCC@syr.edu to alert of the lost or stolen credit card and confirm that notification to Chase has been completed.
  • The transaction must be reported immediately and not after 45 days. After 45 days we are unable to dispute. 
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