Project related expenses always include a “Project Tail” in the expense chartstring. 

  1. Direct Project Expenses – are funded directly by the sponsor and recorded in Fund 13 – Program 00013. Every expense charged to Fund 13 must also include a Project Tail.
  2. Cost Share Expenses – are also project expenses but funded by BBI / SU. Cost Share Expenses are recorded in either Fund 11 or Fund 15 and include a project tail.  These may also be referred to as matching or In-Kind expenses.
  3. ALL Project expenses, Direct and Cost Share must go through the following minimum review before processing:
    1. Verify the project start and end dates in the FAB reports, making sure the transaction takes place within the Project Period.
      1. This is especially important to review for annual memberships or conferences (you may register for an event early but the actual conference must be within the project dates).
    2. The business purpose, relation to the project, and/or project justification needs to be included.
    3. All project transactions must be Allowable, Allocable, Reasonable & Necessary, and Consistently Treated. See excerpt from Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) website in Managing Expenditures.
    4. Approval as outlined in the “Expense Justification Form” from the Principal Investigator (PI) must be included or attached with receipts.
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