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This information is intended for the College of Law only.


Zoom can be used to record an in-person class even when no one is connected remotely to the meeting.  As of Fall 2021, this the recommended method of classroom and event recording in the College of Law.


  • Sign in to the room's computer at the teaching station (in lecture halls), or in the room's closet (seminar rooms).
  • Launch the Zoom app
    • to sign in for the first time
      • select "sign in with SSO"
      • enter "syracuseuniversity" in the space prompted (this may be automatically filled for you)
      • sign in at the SU prompt with your normal NetID and password
      • the app should now remain signed in each time you log in to the machine, without needing to reactivate it each time
  • Begin the meeting
    • we recommend setting up a recurring meeting, much as we did while teaching remotely, so that the meeting ID remains consistent throughout the semester
    • additional information on setting up a recurring meeting through Blackboard can be found at Zoom in Blackboard - Setup and Recording - College of Law
  • Enable camera and microphone within the Zoom
    • note that a wireless microphone is needed to pick up audio in our lecture halls; seminar spaces have microphones built into the ceiling
  • Select the camera you wish to use (if others are available) by clicking the small menu carat next to the start/stop video button and selecting other cameras
  • Use teaching station camera controls to adjust position of the camera if desired
  • Begin the recording by clicking the Record button and selecting "in the cloud"
    • note that your course can be set to automatically begin recording when Zoom is launched, during the setup process described in the Setup and Recording link above
  • Share screen if desired
  • At end of meeting click to Leave Meeting and select "End Meeting for All"

Please send any questions about the recording process to

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