Reminders and Tips:

  1. The Travel and Expense Center tile is located in myslice requiring the reconciler to log in to their account.
  2. Transactions from your wallet should be reconciled in a monthly report.
  3. Transactions are typically available to review/approve 24 hours after purchase.
  4. Employees are encouraged to add reminders to their calendar to adhere to processing deadlines.
  5. Transactions should be reconciled as they post throughout the month.
    1. Reconcilers are encouraged to use the “save for later” feature to create a working report with a unique Report ID which can be modified throughout the month.
  6. The report description format should follow “JPMC <month> YEAR”.
    1. For example “JPMC August 2021”.
    2. This would include any transaction that processed to your wallet from 8/1/21-8/31/21.
  7. The report can be modified by going to the tab “Find the Existing Value” and adding from your wallet or removing transactions to go back to your wallet from the report.
  8. Please make sure to update the chartstring if the employees home department is not the appropriate funds for the expense.
  9. Cardholders must obtain itemized receipts as proof of payment.
  10. If the receipt is for an event or dinner, an attendee list must be provided.
  11. The maximum tip allowed is 20% of the pre-tax amount.
  12. If you are charging an expense with the “project tail” or sponsored funds please make sure to type in SYRUN in the PC business unit cell in the chartfield.
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