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Connecting remotely to your desktop machine in the Law School will allow you to have access to your G: and H: drives, as well as all other University assets that are accessible from your usual desktop machine.  This is a two-step process:  You must first run a VPN (either SURA for PCs, or the Mac VPN), and then connect to your machine.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

To connect remotely, a user must first connect to a virtual private network (VPN).  The VPN will ensure the security of your connection.

Information on setting up University VPNs can be found on ITS's Answers page: ITS Downloads


After connecting to the SU VPN, open your preferred remote desktop client.  Individuals who had previously used the University's terminal server may use the same client, though will need to change settings in order to use the new connection.

Enter the address for the machine that you're connecting to.  This information will be provided to you in response to your LawHelp request, after remote access has been configured for the machine.  The typical format will be "law-d-[name]"

If you are unsure of the address for your desktop machine, please contact IT via

When prompted, enter your credentials as "ad\[NetID]" and your usual NetID password.


All questions regarding remote connection to LAW machines can be directed to the LAW IT department at:

315.443.9561  /

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