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This information has been updated following the decommissioning of SURA and the Mac VPN in Spring 2022.

Most university tasks can be accomplished remotely using the RDS system to access a virtual SU desktop, and this method is recommended for all users.  In some cases, specialized software or other configurations on your physical desktop computer in Dineen Hall will require you to make a second connection from the RDS system to your physical computer.

Accessing a physical desktop remotely via RDS

Please visit the RDS system documentation for information on connecting to the virtual desktop.

  • Connect to RDS
  • From the RDS desktop, open Remote Desktop Connection app
    • In Start Menu search bar, type Remote Desktop Connection and select the search result for the app
  • Enter your desktop computer's name or IP address
    • The typical format for computer name will be "law-d-[name]"
    • You may also enter the IP address directly if preferred
    • If needed, please inquire with for help determining your computer's name or IP address
  • Click Connect
  • You may ignore warnings about the remote connection's certificate
  • When prompted, enter your credentials as "ad\[NetID]" and your usual NetID password.


All questions regarding remote connection to LAW machines can be directed to the LAW IT department at: 

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