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Recording scheduling within Mediasite is handled via the web interface.  While the possible options are relatively complicated, two templates have been set up to facilitate easy schedule creation for each of the two recorders in the Master Control room.


Begin by routing the feed from a room to the correct recorder, using the touchpanel control:

  1. Select the floor of the classroom
  2. Choose the classroom itself
  3. Choose the destination (Mediasite 1 or Mediasite 2)
  4. Verify routing and the presence of audio


Schedule the recording, using the Mediasite management portal:

  1. Log in to
  2. Navigate in the left folder tree to [Mediasite > LAW > Fall 18 (Auth View)]
    1. Substitute current semester as necessary
    2. At the top of the list of items are two schedules, templates dedicated to recordings on recorder 01 or 02
      1. Click the title of the desired schedule to bring up the summary popup
      2. In the popup, select [More > Add Like]
      3. In new window, change the title to something relevant
        1. No need to specify the date here
          1. Because we’re creating a schedule, rather than an individual presentation (even if there’s only one presentation being scheduled), the system will append the date to the recording once it’s been produced
  1. In the righthand column, under Recurrences, hover over the default recurrence and click the X to delete
  2. Click the “Add Recurrence” button
  3. Specify the date, start time, duration of recording, and desired repeats, then click the “Save” button
    1. Generally, you’ll set the repeats dropdown to “one time only”
    2. Click the blue “Save” button in the upper right corner.  The schedule has now been created.


Presentations are created by the recorders according to the specified schedule.  Once the individual presentation has been created, you can share the viewing link, even if the recording itself has not yet been completed:

  1. Click the title of the presentation (note: not the schedule) to bring up the summary popup
  2. Click the “Share” tab
  3. Copy the URL from the “Link” field
  4. Share URL with recording requester
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