If you have been issued a new computer, you may find this guide to be helpful for configuring it to your liking.  Please direct any questions to the IT team via LawHelp@syr.edu

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Setting Acrobat as Default PDF Viewer/Editor 

Windows computers now default to using the Edge browser as PDF viewer.  Users may find that this does not offer the expected options for editing and saving PDFs.  To change the default app used when viewing and editing PDFs:

  • Open File Explorer and navigate to a folder containing PDF files
  • Right-click a PDF file and navigate in the menu to Open with > Choose another app
  • Select Adobe Acrobat from the popup menu and tick the box to always use this app to open .pdf files
  • Click OK to confirm

Adjusting Outlook View Settings 

Outlook view settings are on a per-computer basis; Outlook may not appear as expected the first time you launch it on your new computer.  To adjust views:

  • Open Outlook and remain in the Inbox view (menu options will be different while composing a new email or performing other functions)
  • Select the View > Layout menu
  • Browse through options for orientation or appearance of your Folder Pane, Reading Pane, or To-Do Bar

Adding Your Outlook Signature

Signature settings are on a per-computer basis, and may not follow you to your new computer.  To reinstate your signature:

  • Visit File > Options (menu option is typically in lower left of the File menu)
  • Within the Options menu popup, select File, then Signatures...
  • Edit default or add new signature
    • Note:  You may find it helpful to copy your signature from a recently sent email, then paste it into the signature editor box
  • Choose whether or which signature should appear in the New messages: and Replies/forwards: drop-down menus
  • Click OK

Reconnecting Shared Mailboxes

Mailboxes can be reconnected using the instructions at Connecting to a Shared Account in SUMail

Please note:  When prompted for a password for the shared mailbox, instead choose use another account... and add your own email address and password to proceed

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