This information is intended for the College of Law only.


Proctortrack restricts your computer to the use of your primary monitor during your exam.  If you have a multiple monitor setup, including an external monitor used with a laptop, you can specify which of your monitors will be treated as the primary device.

Please experiment with this customization using the Mock Exam prior to exam day.

Note: we recommend launching the Examplify app prior to beginning the proctoring session in Proctortrack, then moving the Examplify app to your primary monitor.  This will ensure it is visible once the proctoring session is underway.

Setting primary monitor - MacOS (click to expand)

  • Visit System Settings > Displays
  • Click "Arrange..." button next to the graphic showing your displays:
  • Locate the shaded "menu bar" which indicates your primary display:
  • Drag this menu bar to your preferred primary display, select done and exit:

Setting primary monitor - Windows (click to expand)

  • Visit Settings > Display
  • In the graphic of your multiple displays, select the display you wish to specify as your primary display:
  • Scroll to the Multiple Displays section and tick the box marked "Make this my main display":
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