Vaccine Requirement

Remote Proctoring for Spring 2021 Exams

Ahead of spring 2021 final exams, please be sure to review this debrief and discussion of the Fall 2020 exams and Remote Proctoring process.


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Q: I would like to claim a medical or religious exemption for getting a COVID-19 vaccine before returning to campus, what should I do?

A: Students who need to submit a medical or religious exemption for vaccines may do so via the Patient Portal. It is currently open for incoming students. Instructions include:

  • Log in to the Patient Portal with your SU NetID and password.
  • Select “Forms” from the main menu.
  • Under Student Forms, select the “Medical-Religious Waiver” form to print the waiver to sign.
  • Once you have signed the waiver and added the required supporting documentation, select “Upload” on the home screen.
  • Follow the upload instructions.
  • In the drop-down section, select “Medical or Religious Waiver Form.”
  • Select the completed waiver file to upload.

The exemption form only needs to be submitted once during your time at Syracuse University College of Law.  This means that should vaccine requirements change, your exemption form will continue to be active.

For a medical exemption, a note from your doctor should be uploaded.  For religious exemption, a statement from you explaining the request for the exemption is sufficient.  You can choose to upload one or both.

You may also contact Barnes Health Center at 315.443.8000 and press 5 for Covid-19 related questions or to confirm with them directly.

Q: What Dineen Hall rooms are designated as Active Learning and Quiet Study rooms for spring 2021?

A: Please refer to this document. For Active Learning, students who have back-to-back in person and online classes will find spaces in which to attend their online classes. Rooms for quiet study have been identified and marked accordingly throughout Dineen Hall. Students are invited to use these spaces for study between classes.

Q: How do I know what modality my courses will be taught in?

A: The spring 2021 course schedule is posted and this document notes the modality of each class.

Q: Do students, faculty and staff who were previously diagnosed with COVID-19 and are now recovered (prior positive) need to wear masks when they return to campus?

A: Yes. All members of our community are required to wear a mask or face covering when on our campus. There are no exceptions based on prior COVID positive status.

Q: Do all students have to be tested prior to returning to campus?

A: Yes. To protect the health and safety of our campus and community, all students must participate in pre-arrival testing. Students may not move into campus housing without a negative pre-arrival test and students who live in off-campus housing cannot access campus (including classrooms, libraries and fitness centers) without a negative pre-arrival test. Be advised that the pre-arrival testing requirements vary based on the origin of your travel to New York State. Specifically, if you are traveling to New York State from a location subject to the  New York State COVID-19 travel advisory , please be sure to review and comply with the pre-arrival testing requirements prescribed by the New York State Department of Health.

Q: I got a COVID-19 test within three days of my arrival in New York State, but I haven’t received the result. What should I do?


  • You should come to campus for your scheduled check-in and present documentation that you have taken a pre-arrival test, administered within three days of your arrival in New York State.
  • When you arrive at the check-in center, you will provide a saliva sample.
  • If your check-in is before noon on Jan. 30 and 31, your move-in will be delayed until approximately 5 p.m., pending a negative saliva polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test result.
  • If your check-in is after noon on Jan. 30 or 31, your move-in will be deferred overnight. You will be referred to University-provided temporary housing overnight until your negative saliva PCR test result is received.
  • Once moved in, you will join the required travel quarantine.

Q: Do all students have to quarantine when returning to campus?

A: No. New York State requires  a a mandatory quarantine period  for any individuals traveling from non-contiguous states or international locations. Students from New York or a contiguous state (New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania or Vermont) are exempt from quarantine under the New York State  travel advisory .

Q: For individuals traveling from international locations or non-contiguous states, how long is the required quarantine?

A: The duration of the quarantine period is four days. Individuals can conclude their quarantine on the fourth day upon receiving a negative COVID test result. For those completing their quarantine on campus, Syracuse University will provide testing on the fourth day of the quarantine period.

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