All classes at the College of Law for Fall 2020 must be streamed and recorded via Zoom.  Because all classes are to be recorded for Fall 2020, and because Zoom remains the primary recording method for all Law events for this semester, the information below also extends to classes (or individual class sessions) for which there are no students attending remotely.

Before you begin

Information for initial setup of your Zoom sessions, of the Blackboard site for your course, and of the classroom (including camera and microphone) can be viewed at this link: Using Teaching Technology during the COVID-19 Pandemic - College of Law

Connecting to the Zoom session

To ensure that you and your students are all connecting to the same meeting, it is recommended that you follow the link you have set up within Blackboard.

  • Log in to teaching station PC
  • Open browser and navigate to the Blackboard site for your course
  • Click the live class link in Blackboard to launch Zoom
    • Confirm that you wish to launch the Zoom app, if prompted
  • Log in using your Zoom or SU credentials, if prompted

Granting permissions to your classroom assistant

  • Admit your classroom assistant to the Zoom session
  • Make the classroom assistant a co-host of the session
    • Open the participants panel by clicking the Participants button in the Zoom toolbar
    • Hover your mouse over the assistant's name, then select More > Make Co-host

Set up recording

  • Activate camera and mic in Zoom by clicking the Video and Mic buttons in the Zoom toolbar (if not already active)
  • Click the Record button
  • Choose to record to the cloud (rather than on local machine)

Completing your recording

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