The following information relates specifically to the College of Law and is to be used as guidance specifically for College of Law employees. These guidelines are subject to change as SU Procedures and Policies change.

Only SU students can be hired as a student employee which typically fall into two categories:

1) Faculty Research assistants which are typically 2L and 3L students so that 1L students can focus on coursework.

    1. Faculty receive an annual allocation outlined in the FSA memo from the Dean's Office. 
    2. As outlined in the FSA memo, hire requests should be submitted to providing the following information:
      • Student’s SUID
      • Student’s Name
      • Did this student previously work for you or are new? 
      • Indicate if this is a JDr or JDi student

2)Work studies students are typically undergraduate students hired to law departments and paid minimum wage.

    1. To request a student employee, a Student Employee Hire sheet must be completed.
      1. If your department does not have a hire sheet template, please reach out to to request a form.
    2. It is strongly encouraged to hire SU students that have Federal Work Study (FWS) funds available.
      1. If you need to verify FWS, please email
    3. If you would like to request a new work study (or any student) position, please email the following details to for the Budget Manager to review for the proposed position:
      • Start Date (pleas e list proposed start date, actual start date will depend on HR)
      • End Date
      • Whom the employee will report to
      • Working Title (position title limited to 30 characters)
      • Suggested Hourly Rate
      • Justification for Position
      • Short description summarizing the position
      • Job Responsibilities
      • Headcount (total anticipated # of students to be hired, typically 1)
      • Payroll chartstring

If you prefer to search to fill the student position, please work with your faculty support staff to post the position in Handshake or create an account directly. 

Once a candidate has been selected,  please send information including their SUID to to review next steps. The College of Law Budget Office will notify you when the student is able to begin work. Please do not have your student start working until the hire is confirmed.

Important Notes:

  • You may want to ask your student if they have other positions on campus to allocate hours as total hours worked between all jobs must remain under 40 hours.
  • Once the budget office has the SUID they will be able to review next steps unique to each student.
  • If an I9 needs to be completed, they may not work until this is done.

Please review Syracuse University policy for Student Employment and 'Cuse Works.

Scheduling Hours

Student employees are not permitted to work when they are scheduled to be in class.  Generally, student employees who are US citizens or permanent residents may work up to 40 hours per week, and no overtime (over 40 hours) is permitted.  However, since their primary purpose is to be a student, please be mindful of the number of hours they are scheduled each week so that work does not conflict with their studies.

In accordance with student visa rules, international student employees are permitted to work up to a total of 20 hours per week inclusive of all on-campus jobs during the academic year.  International students may work up to 40 hours per week during academic breaks.

If a student employee is scheduled to work 6 or more hours in one shift, they are required to take a 30-minute unpaid meal break, and they must clock out for meal breaks.  For more information, please refer to NY State Department of Labor website.

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