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Students may make use of the Mediasite Desktop Recorder, available on all teaching station PCs in Dineen Hall.  While the software is available for all users, if used with the guest account (instructions below) distribution of recordings will be faster.


  • Turn on teaching station
  • Log in to teaching station pc
    • username: m-lawclass
    • password: lawyer
  • Double-click the Mediasite Desktop Recorder icon on the desktop
  • Title your recording appropriately
    • Suggested:  If a recording for a specific class, start the title with your instructor's name, then your own name(s) and the date:  Smith - Whitney and Jones - 02.14.20
  • Select the appropriate recording type (video+audio is typically best)
  • The software will walk you through  the rest of the setup process
    • Take note of the camera angle, adjusting it as necessary using the teaching station controls
    • Take note of the audio, ensuring that you can see the recording level move when speaking
      • Note also that you'll need to use the wireless microphone(s), in the teaching station drawer, if you'll be recording in a lecture hall
  • When ready, begin recording
  • At the end, stop the recording
    • Note that it is essential to stop the recording.  If the machine is simply logged out, the recording will be lost.
  • Notify IT via an email to
    • Include:
      • The title of your recording
      • Who should receive the link (typically yourself and/or the professor)
      • The date and time of your recording
      • Location where the recording was made

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