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Downloading Exam Files

Exam files are usually available a day or two before an exam is given.  Student administration staff will send an email when an exam is available for download. Please download exams before the day of the exam but don’t download exams before you receive an email to do so.

You must arrive to the exam room with the exam downloaded.

  • Connect to the Internet. Note: You’ll only connect to the internet while downloading and uploading exams.  You won’t be connected to the internet while taking the exam.
  •  Sign into Examplify
  •  Available exams will appear on the left-hand side of the exam menu and will say “ready for download”

                                                     Examplify screen    

  • Available exams will appear on the left-hand side of the exam menu and will say “ready for download”
  • Click on an exam on the left-hand column to select the file. Then click the green Download Exam button. Once an exam is downloaded, the blue circle icon will change to a grey circle with a check mark. This indicates that the exam file was successfully downloaded.



Take an Exam  –  once you are in the exam room

  • On the left-hand column in My Exams, select your exam by clicking on it. This will pull up the exam details in the center of the screen.
  • To start an exam, you will need to enter your Exam Number and the Exam Password. You will receive your Exam Number when you pick up your exam packet in the exam room. This number is different for each of your exams and is specific to your identity as an exam taker. Your Exam Number is NEVER your SUID.

                                                 place to enter exam number and password

  • The Exam Password will be written in front of the classroom on the classroom whiteboards. All exam passwords consist of two letters followed by eight numbers and are case-sensitive. Once you have entered your exam number and password, you may click the green Start Exam button to launch the exam.
  • Before the exam opens, a yellow screen will appear notifying you that by proceeding, Examplify will close and block out all other programs and applications running on your computer (including internet access). Click the green Continue button to proceed.
  • The next window to pop up will contain your very important exam notices. Please review those and scroll through them by clicking the arrow at the top right of the box (not the next button). There are seven standard SUCOL notices. Exam instructions are also included in the notices. Once you have read all notices, click the blue Next button.

                                                       exam notice sample 1            exam notice sample 2            exam notice sample 3

  • Another yellow screen will appear with a random four-letter passcode and a start exam button.

    When the exam administrator gives the okay, you may enter the four-digit code and begin your exam.

                                                        a screenshot of the please wait screen


Navigating Your Exam


When the exam opens, there will be two main menus: options along the top of the screen for exam controls and a vertical questions navigation tab on the left-hand side of the screen. You may answer the exam questions in any order you’d like. Below are guides for different question types. It is best to practice and familiarize yourself with the exam interface by downloading and taking the Mock Exam. The Mock Exam may be downloaded and taken as many times as you want. 

                                    sample of essay question

Navigating Questions:

When navigating between questions on your exam, you have three ways to move between questions. 

First, by selecting the ‘Next’ button, to proceed to the next question, or selecting the ‘<--’ (back arrow), to proceed to the previous question. The question number will be provided as well.

                                     screenshot of navigation buttons

Secondly, you can toggle (switch) to the next/previous question by selecting the down arrow in the bottom left hand corner or the up arrow in the top left hand corner of the screen.

                                      screenshot of exam controls

Lastly, once you have gone through each question, you can easily just select the question number you would like to navigate to within the navigation pane on the left hand side.


Flagging your Questions:

You can also mark questions to remind you to revisit them later. At the top where the Question number is listed, to the left you will see a small ‘flag’ icon. Click on the flag to highlight and mark the question within the navigation pane. 

          unflagged:            unflagged example              flagged:             flagged example

Highlighting Text:

You can use the Highlight tool in Examplify to highlight portions of question text and multiple choice answers that you find important. (This tool will only be available if enabled by the instructor in the exam settings).


Navigate to the Toolbar at the top and select the Highlight feature.

Examplify toolbar

Click on the color drop-down that appears at the top left of the screen.

Examplify toolbar


  • Select the color you would like to highlight the text from the drop-down selection.
  • Select the text that you wish to highlight by clicking and dragging your mouse across it.
  • The selected text should now be highlighted whichever color you have chosen, as shown below:

sample of highlighted text

example of highlighted text using different colors

Answering Multiple Choice Questions:

To answer a multiple choice question, click the circled letter to the left of the desired answer.The circle will turn blue indicating that it has been selected. Some multiple choice questions will have multiple answers. In this case, click the circle next to all answers you would like to select before proceeding.

multiple choice question sample

One of the useful features of Examplify is that you can cross out answer choices. Simply hover over an answer choice and an X will appear on the right of the answer. Clicking the X will “cross-out” that particular choice. To undo this, click on the crossed-out text in the answer choice.

screenshot of answer selection

Answering Essay Questions:

For essay questions, use the box below the essay question to type your answer as you would in any word processing program such as MS Word. You will have the ability to cut, copy, and paste, as well as access to certain formatting tools. Examplify also provides a character count for essay questions just above the answer area. Some instructors will set a character limit to essay responses. If there is a limit, you will not be able to exceed the indicated number of characters. You will be able to edit whatever content you have within that limit.  

The character count is highlighted in the red box in the image below. Clicking the character count will expand a more detailed word/character breakdown.

character count sample   another character count sample

Viewing Exam Notices:

If you accidentally clicked the next button before cycling through exam notices, you can review them within the exam by clicking the notice button on the upper exam tool bar

screenshot of the notice button




Close the exam and upload your Answer File

                                                        Exam Controls menu


All students must stop working and click Submit Exam when the proctor announces the end of the exam.

Students who continue working after this announcement will be penalized

(this includes proofing/spell check/reviewing answers).

Examplify tracks each student’s exam times and false starts/late finishes will be noted within each exam file. 

Once you click Submit Exam, a confirmation screen will pop up, reminding you that you cannot re-open your exam once it is closed. Click the check box that says “I am ready to exit my exam” and then click the green Exit button.

                                                  screenshot of warning window                               congratulations window

Your exam will close and reconnect to the internet to upload the exam file. You can note the upload progress as it uploads. Once complete you will get a green screen that says “Congratulations!”

 **** You will NOT receive text or email notification from Examplify after you receive a green screen UNLESS you registered your phone number or email at the time of registration. You can add that information at You can also review your download/upload history under “Courses" on that same page.

                                       Examplify menu                      

You have successfully completed your exam.


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