The following information relates specifically to the College of Law and is to be used as guidance specifically for College of Law employees. These guidelines are subject to change as SU Procedures and Policies change.
  • See separate instructions for Honorariums or non-employee payments

The following steps outline the process to issue payment to the raffle winners (based on the email string below with Disbursements). 

  1. Purchase Requisition for each award type (so 3 PRs in total each with their own req #)
  2. Chartstring (if special funding, verify ahead of time)
  3. W9 for each individual and password protect the document (you can do one protected pdf for each group)
    1. Please make sure recipient knows the address on the W9 is where the check will be mailed and that this is considered a 1099 reportable award.
  4. Business purpose should be specific to each award type and stated that the recipient names were chosen during a random raffle. For example:
    1. $500 for 6 recipients that completed course as incentive/award to ....
    2. $1,500 for 2 recipients that completed the course as incentive/award to...
    3. $1,500 for 1 recipient that had 100% attendance, complete the course and passed as incentive/award to .

These suggestions are based off Disbursements requirements. Please submit the PRs to to obtain budget approval. Special payments will be emailed directly for special handling in Disbursements.

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