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These instructions are for Clinical Legal Education Law students who need to access Time Matters or the Clinic G drive files remotely. Only authorized users are allowed to connect to this application using the Law School's remote desktop server.

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General Information

Connecting to Time matters remotely is done through the College of Law's remote desktop server. Students will use the same Clinic user account that is used to login to the Clinic computers.

To connect you need to use a Remote Desktop Connection client which can be downloaded from the App Store.

In order to connect to Remote Access, your computer will either need to be on AirOrangeX or using the Mac VPN. Visit this page ( to get connected with the Mac VPN.

Installing the Remote Desktop Connection client on a Mac

Note: This only needs to be done if the client is not already installed on your Mac.

Open the App Store on your Mac and search for Microsoft Remote Desktop. When the results are displayed, click on the red Microsoft Remote Desktop icon. 

Click the Get button and then click Install App.

Image of app in App Store

Enter your App Store password when prompted and the app should download and install. You can now close the App Store.

Connecting using your Mac

Open the Launchpad and look for the Microsoft Remote Desktop icon. Click on the icon to open the app.

Click on the New icon at the top of the window.

Image of Microsoft Remote Desktop

When the Edit Remote Desktops window opens, type in a connection name, e.g SU Law Clinic.

In the PC Name field, type


Image of required PC Name

Click on User Account and select Add User Account

Image of required User Account

Type in your clinic username in the format AD\cdc005 and then your password. Once you close the window, your connection entry will be saved.

Image of your required clinic Username

 Click on the General Tab and select Reconnect if the connection is dropped

image of Edit Desktop

Click on the saved connection and you it should initiate the remote connection. If you are prompted with a warning certificate message, click Continue.

Image of Remote Connection

If your username and password were correctly entered, you should briefly see a login screen that displays a warning message indicating that the server is restricted to authorized users only. Then you should connect to the server in full screen mode.

You can login to Time Matters with your Time Matters username and password as well as access the Clinic files on the G drive.

Once you are are done working, please log out of the remote session by clicking on the Start button and clicking Log off.

Image of Windows Start Menu