The following information relates specifically to the College of Law and is to be used as guidance specifically for College of Law employees. These guidelines are subject to change as SU Procedures and Policies change.

This overview of information that will be helpful to you or help you to find some answers or guidance when using your SU credit card. Procedures detailed herein are supplementary to those established by Syracuse University (SU) and published on the relevant University web site or other medium, including but not limited to the website and other websites outlined below.

The following links are typically sent from Purchasing to cardholders upon issuing of a procurement card and is an excellent reference for policy and procedures:

  1. Policy found at    
  2. Instructions for accessing Travel & Expense Center Training Documents
  3. Monthly Credit Card Statement - All Monthly Reconciliation Reports with receipts attached must be submitted by the 10th of each month so that the budget office can review and approve to meet the University deadline on the 20th.

Syracuse University has entered into an agreement with JPMorgan Chase Bank, which provides qualified employees with a credit card at University expense to purchase selected goods for pickup or delivery, as well as travel and entertainment on behalf of the University.

For  JP Morgan-related questions, you can reach the team at or by calling 315.443.1957 or 315.443.2281.


Training Videos From Disbursements:

Please be sure to watch both videos, one for submitting credit card reconciliations Watch 'Credit Card Reconciliation in MySlice' | Microsoft Stream  and one for submitting expense reimbursements Watch 'Employee Reimbursement in MySlice' | Microsoft Stream.

 Please note:

Effective September 30, 2021, all Syracuse University Amazon Business purchases should be made through the new Amazon Enterprise Business Prime account, using your University credit card and business address. You will no longer be able to make purchases with your University credit card using a previously established Amazon individual business account. 

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