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It is possible to use more than one computer simultaneously while teaching via Zoom.  This may help to replicate a multiple-monitor setup when separate outboard monitors are not available, allowing one to view a Gallery view of all students on one computer, while sharing content from another computer. 


    • One computer will be used to display a gallery view of your class
    • Another computer will be used to share a PowerPoint presentation or other content
    • One, but not both, machines will be handle audio and webcam video
      • The instructions below presume that you are streaming audio and video on the computer that is displaying the gallery view of your class, but you may wish to stream audio and video using the other computer, depending on monitor size and position, or microphone/camera/speaker quality.
    • Primary Computer
      • The primary computer will handle audio and video, and display a gallery view of your class
      • You will log in to the Zoom meeting on this computer with your full university Zoom account, as you would if it were your only computer
    • Secondary Computer
      • The secondary computer will be used to display your presentation materials
      • You will join the meeting from this computer as a guest


  • Launch Zoom - both computers
    • Primary computer
      • Launch Zoom as usual, signing in as needed and connecting audio and video
    • Secondary computer
      • Click the class meeting link to launch zoom, but do not sign in with your own Zoom account
        • A user can only be signed in to Zoom on one computer at a time
      • Enter as a guest
      • Do not connect audio or video
        • Warning - connecting audio on a second device in the same physical space can result in runaway feedback loops
  • Assign permissions - primary computer
    • Open the Participants panel, hover the cursor over the name of your guest account, then select More... > Make Co-Host
  • Share content - secondary computer
    • Share screen as normal and bring up your presentation materials
  • Adjust view - primary computer
    • By default, content shared by another user will initially take up a great deal of screen space.  To adjust:
      • Select "Gallery View" again, if system has automatically switched to speaker view
      • Hover the cursor over the space between the gallery and the shared content to display a vertical line "handle"
      • Click and drag this handle to minimize the shared content display and maximize the gallery display
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