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Following the decommissioning of the University's terminal server (previously available at and, individual virtual machines (VMs)  have been created for those users who had previously relied on remote connections to the terminal server. 

Note:  Where possible, it is preferable for users to connect to their own desktop machines when working remotely, rather than to VMs.  Users who do not have physical desktop machines, or who otherwise require remote access to university files and assets, may access an individual VM using the instructions below.

Requesting a Virtual Machine

Requests for virtual machines (or for remote access to an existing desktop machine) in the Law school may be sent to 

Note that restrictions may apply and that requests are subject to supervisor approval.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

To connect to a VM, a user must first connect to a virtual private network (VPN).  The VPN will ensure the security of your connection.

Connection information for University VPNs can be found on ITS's Answers page: ITS Downloads

Connecting to Your Individual VM

After connecting to the SU VPN, open your preferred remote desktop client.  Individuals who had previously used the University's terminal server may use the same client, though will need to change settings in order to connect to the new VM.

Enter the address for your individual VM.  The address naming convention for individual VMs is "LAW-V-[NETID]"

Connect as before, with username "ad\[NetID]" and password when prompted.


All questions regarding connection to LAW virtual machines can be directed to the LAW IT department at:

315.443.9561  /

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