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The information below details a new procedure for setting up personal laptops to print in the Law Library, introduced in Spring 2022.  This information supersedes the previous SURA-based printing method for Windows Laptops.

Please click here for instructions for setting up MacOS computers.

Set Username and Password

These steps will securely store a Windows credential, which will then be used to grant access to the printer.  The utility will simplify the process.  If for any reason it does not work, based on your computer's individual configuration, manual steps are also included.

  • Using the utility 
    • Download utility by clicking this link
    • Double click to run
    • Enter your NetID (the portion of your email address before "") when prompted
    • Enter your SU password when prompted
    • Proceed to Printer Setup section below
  • Manual configuration (if utility above does not function for your computer)
    • Open search feature in task bar
    • Type "manage windows credentials" and click to open the Manage Windows Credentials control panel search result
    • Click Add a Windows Credential
    • Enter the information below in each field, substituting your own NetID and password.  Note the orientation of the "\" characters
      • Internet or network address
        • \\
      • Username
        • ad\NetID
      • Password
        • your password
    • Click OK
    • Close Credential Manager window
    • Proceed to Printer Setup section below

Printer Setup

These steps will install the printer driver and add the Library printers to your computer

  • Download driver by clicking this link
  • Double click file and follow prompts to extract folder
  • Open the extracted folder ("Generic_Plus_UFRII_v2.50_Set-up_x64")
  • Double click Setup.exe to begin setup
  • Click Next
  • Click Yes to agree to terms
  • Select Custom configuration and click Next
  • Click Next (no need to check the box for Canon Driver Information Assist Service)
  • Select "Auto Select" and click Next
  • Click Add Port...
    • Select "Local Port" and click OK
    • Enter port name exactly as below, noting the orientation of the "\" characters
      • \\\law-library140
    • Click Ok
  • Click Next
  • Click Start
  • When installation is complete, select Exit
  • Repeat the process to install the second floor library printer
    • Substituting port name:
      • \\\law-library240
    • and selecting "restart my computer" on the Exit screen

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