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SURA, Syracuse University Remote Access, is a tool for accessing Syracuse University systems, including network drives and printers. (SURA is not available for Macs; information on printing for Macs can be found here.)

Download SURA to your Computer

Navigate to and click on Download SURA to obtain the SURA utility.  After SURA downloads, move it from your downloads folder to your desktop


Launch SURA

Double click on the sura.exe file. Enter your SU NetID username and password in the appropriate fields and click Connect. 

SURA login window 

Work with printers

The first time you use the SURA tool, you'll need to select the College of Law printers available to you for wireless printing.
To do this, type LAW in the Printer Name box, click search.

connected to SURA window

The printers available to all students include:

  • Law-Library140
  • Law-Library240


Other printers

Note: you may have access to other printers, if you are a member of a student organization as noted below

  • Law-Journals346 - Student Journals and SBA
  • Law-LawReview344 - Syracuse Law Review
  • Law-MootCourt010 - Moot Court Honor Society


  1. Check the Automatically Connect To box and then select the printers listed above.
  2. Click the first printer, hold down the CTRL key and click the remaining printers.
  3. Click Connect.

    Image of Available Printers List

  4. If prompted with a message Windows needs to download and install a software driver… click Install Driver.
  5. The printers will install, after a short delay.


Note: These printers are available only when SURA is running.

Releasing Your Print Job

Note that items sent to the Law Library's printers are queued on the server and, as a final step, must be manually released to the printer.  Click here for additional details.

Minimizing and Exiting the SURA utility

To fully exit the SURA utility and disconnect your computer from the University network, right-click on the SURA icon in the System Tray and select Exit And Disconnect.

log out of SURA


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