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In order to provide a consistent experience for our students, we ask that all College of Law instructors set up Zoom within Blackboard using the instructions below.

Initial Setup

  • Visit your Blackboard Course
  • In the left-hand menu, choose the Live Online Class Sessions content area
    • note: This content area was created for most College of Law courses in Blackboard.  If you opted out of having this folder template applied, you will follow the steps below in the content area of your choice.
  • Click the Tools menu in the gray bar, then choose More Tools > Zoom Meeting
  • Click Submit to finalize the creation of the item
  • Click the newly-created Zoom meeting item to enter the Zoom module


  • Click Schedule a new meeting
  • Provide the meeting information, including recurrences
  • It is suggested that you set your class meetings to automatically record to the cloud
    • if you do not wish to make this automatic, you will need to enable recording at the start of each class
  • Click Save

Distributing Recordings

  • All Law classes for Spring 2021 are to be recorded to the cloud and made available to your students
  • After a cloud recording for your class has been made,
    • Enter the Zoom module
    • Click the Cloud Recordings tab
    • Click the Publish switch next to the recording that you wish to make available

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