(Warning: the procedures for these records have evolved over the years. Not all records currently in the system meet current standards. Be careful when looking at previous records for examples. Just because they exist doesn't mean that they are correct.)

1. Look up the Building on Summit.

We add sheets to an existing record under the following conditions: They have the same architect, the same title AND the same date. If the sheet in the hand and the bib record share the same architect, title and date, then edit that record.

Adjust the 300

Add pages to MFHD

If there are any differences in architect, title or date between the sheet and the record, then separate records are required.

  • When creating a separate record for an addition, renovation, etc. use the same accession number as the drawing for the original building, and add a work letter.

2. Check OCLC, if no record exists, create one.

Create record using architectural drawing template or use the derive command on a similar record.

Name entries

"Transcribe statements of responsibility relating to persons or bodies credited with a major role in creating or participating in the creation or production of a graphic item. Give all other statements of responsibility in notes" AACRII

Search all name entries in authority file on OCLC. Use established form when available. If no name established, search Summit for local use.

Title Entry

transcribe title proper exactly as to wording, order and spelling, but not necessarily as to punctuation and capitalization.

245 should be taken from the 1st sheet. When dealing with a large number of sheets with differing titles take the most common title that best describes the set.

Create 246 : Create a standardized title requested by Fine Arts:

 246 33    Working drawings : *Insert Title from 245a

Example 245 10 Camden Aquarium : |b working drawings 246 33 Working drawings : Camden Aquarium

Physical Description Physically count the sheets in the set, disregard numbering on sheets or number of drawings that each sheet may contain. Omit the illus subfield b. If you have a bound volume do as you would with a print title. When handling a large number of sheets of differing sizes record the dimensions of the smallest (height x width) then the dimensions of the largest separated by a hyphen.

Add 33x fields from constant data record in OCLC.

General Notes

in a 500 note add terminology to identify relationship of names to the project where possible: Architects, Consultants, Construction manager, Structural engineers, Mechanical engineers, Summary note

In a 520 describe the kinds of drawings included in the set.

Subjects: Use this standard headings 650 0 Architecture |v Designs and plans |v Working drawings

in addition use the following when possible 650 0 type of building |v Designs and plans. e.g. 650 0 Library buildings |z New Jersey |z Princeton |v Designs and plans.

610 20 Official name of building e.g. 610 20 Princeton University |b Library

Author added entries

Trace firms, people that have a major role, using relator codes for RDA.

Have your supervisor review all records.


Location arr Take the Accession number to four places. To find latest unused number do a call number search for drawings, flat in Summit. example |b arr |h Drawings, |c flat |c 0305 (drawings comma space flat) In the 866 fields give the sheets. Example 866 H5-H22

Item type is architectural drawings.

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