There is no Backlog

In the past material that could not be immediately processed was put in the backlog. Books lacking call numbers, or otherwise having grossly incomplete records were prime candidates.

We now create MINIMAL records locally for these items.

For non Latin scripts see -- wiki page

OCLC HOLDINGS If you have an item that is OCLC zero and you are creating a minimal record locally, don't worry about OCLC.


When you create a minimal record it should contain :

  • Locally assigned call number
  • 1XX field if applicable
  • 245
  • 260
  • 300
  • any 500 notes that would help identify the item.
  • 6XX at least 1 subject heading
  • &xx any that would help a user find the item
  • 948 a stat line with |t m (The macro is Contrl Shift m)

Do your best to assign a fairly accurate call number and subject heading

The books are processed like all normal items.

What Happens next?

The minimal records are periodically searched. We collect the records in a batch and batch search for them on OCLC. If we find a more complete record we import it. We will assess if the call number needs to be revised at that time. Books that retain a minimal record for a long time will be evaluated. (Should we perform the original cataloging for this title or maybe get rid of it?)

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