When Searching for MARC record in OCLC

    • Label and matrix numbers should match
    • Titles and performers should match

If one exists check to make sure it meets the requirements listed below. Lock and make changes if necessary.

If no records exist derive from a like (at least 78 rpm with 007) record

Checking the fixed field:

    • If spoken word make sure it is an I if music j. If both pick the format on 1st side (lower matrix number)
    • Encoding level : I
    • Source : d
    • Language should be coded correctly : If none code zxx (or other appropriate code if there is language)
    • Comp: should be coded correctly
    • Cty check coding (Often nyu or xuu if United States)
    • Descr : a
    • Date (get date from paper or online source)

007 Verify

    • A=s
    • B =d
    • D=d
    • E=m
    • F=s
    • G=d for 10 inch disc

028 00

    • |a for label number
    • |b Columbia
    • 028 10
    • |a matrix number
    • |b Columbia

028 10

    • |a matrix on other side
    • |b Columbia

047 If multiple forms of composition make sure to code all forms here.


    • Follow the flow chart to determine appropriate ME


    • If 100 is the composer and 1st title needs a Uniform Title use this field


    • |a Start with title on side with lower matrix number
    • |h [sound recording]

      |b rest of title info

    • / |c composer info ; [performed by] performers. Title from other side : secondary title info / composers ; [performed by] performers. Please note all info about second title goes in the subfield c.

260 verify the field is complete with |a place : |b Columbia, |c date.

300 verify this field is complete. 1 sound disc : |b analog, [78 rpm], mono, ; |c 10 in (or 12 depending on size)

500 Matrix and label note

511 0x performer note

518 Recorded [date] in [place] (if available)

500 any more notes

650 Subject headings:

  • Mode of performance vocal duets, vocal quartets,
    • Kind of music examples: Popular music (if words) popular instrumental music (if no words). Band music , marches, waltzes, foxtrots. Musicals |v Excerpts, Operas |v Excerpts.
    • Subject of music Mothers |v Songs and music World War, 1939-1945 |v Songs and music

700 and 710

    • Make sure to trace all names in 245 personal and corporate (excluding what is in the 1XX)
    • Make sure if UT is needed it is included in 700 t

740 02 for title of second side

830 for a series if needed

  • No labels