Some times gifts or funds require bookplates. THE MOST CURRENT LIST IS ON THE G:DRIVE G Lib Acq and Cat Bookplates. Look for an excel sheet Bookplates and restricted funds.


AlstonGift of William P. Alston,      Gift of William P Alston
AveryAvery Fund,      Anna Dills and Floyd Bentley Avery Endowment for Education
BaxterGift of Christa S. Baxter      From the library of Wilhelm Schultz. Born on 8.26.1876 in Breslau, Germany,
BeckBeck Fund      Beck fund
BishkoBishko Fund,      In Memory of Charles Julian Bishko & Lucretia Ramsey Bishko
BloomGift of Max Bloom in memory of Pearl Brook Bloom, 2005.      In memory of Pearl Brook Bloom,
BostickGift of the Estate of Joel L. Bostick      Gift of the estate of Joel L Bostick,
BurlinghamBurlingham Fund,      In Memory of the Mother & Father of Gertrude S. Burlingham
CampCamp Fund,      Blanche Minoque Camp Memorial Book Collection in Philosophy and Psychology
CenterCenter for European Studies      Gift of the Center for European Studies
ChartersCharters Fund,      Gift of Alexander Charters
CohenGift of Marcia M. Cohen,      Gift of Marcia M. Cohen
CurtissGift of Marie Joy Curtiss      Gift of Marie Joy Curtiss,
Class of 1912Gift of Class of 1912 (DO NOT USE as of July, 2006)    Gift of Class of 1912
CoyGift of Nancy Coy      Gift of Nancy Coy,
FlemingGift of William Fleming Estate,      Gift of William Fleming Estate,
FritzGift of Katryn Tolley Fritz      Gift of Katryn Tolley Fritz
FranitsGift of Wayne Franits      Gift of Wayne Franits
GerberGerber Fund,      In Memory of Jerome and Arlene Gerber
GabrielGift of J. F. Gabriel,      Gift of J.F. Gabriel
GiftLibrary Gift Account Fund (inactive as of July, 06)       
GlaserGlaser Fund,      In Memory of Marion Frances Samuels Glaser
GordonGift of Sol Gordon,      Gift of Sol Gordon
GruberGift of Samual Gruber,      Gift of Samuel D Gruber
Holtz-EakinGift of Douglas Holtz-Eakin,      In Memory of Douglas Holtz-Eakin
Huber-NobleHuber-Noble Fund,      In Memory of Edith Mary Humber and William Charles Huber,
In honor ofIn honor of       
In memory ofIn memory of       
KingKing Fund,      King Fund,
KivelsonFrom the library of Clare and Arnold Kivelson (SCRC)      Gift of the Arnold Kivelson Family Endowment for Arts Journalism
LaPierGift of the Dr. Terrence W. LaPier collection      Terrence W. LaPier Entrepreneurship Collection
LangnerGift of William Langner      Gift of William Langner
LichtblauGift of Myron I. Lichtblau,      Gift of Myron I. Lichtblau
LichtblauLichtblau Fund, PAID/ Restricted)    Lichtblau Fund
MaceMace Fund,      Mace Fund
MagdisonGift of Iris Magidson,      Gift of Iris Magidson
MartinGift of H. Winthrop Martin      Gift of H. Winthrop Martin
MathisonGift of John Mathison      Gift of John Mathison
MelchiorMelchior Fund,      In Memory of William T Melchior
NasonAlex Nason Wellness Collection,      Alex Nason Wellness Collection
NugentGift of George Nugent,      Gift of the estate of George Nugent
OxtobyGift of David Oxtoby,      In Memory of William Oxtoby
PlasticsGift of the National Plastics Center and Museum,      Gift of the National Plastics Center and Museum
PulosGift of Arthur J. Pulos,      Gift of Arthur J. Pulos
RaffGift of Carol and Harvey Raff,      Gift of Carol and Harvey Raff,
RobbinsGift of Renee K. Robbins      Gift of Renee K. Robbins In Memory of Abraham & Zipporah Kadish
SafireGift of William Safire (SU collection only; does not apply to SP items)       
SavadaGift of Morton J. Savada  (Belfer only)    
ShaktmanGift of Ben Shaktman      Gift of Ben Shaktman,
SeamaanGift of Professor Khalil I. Semaan, 2008      Gift of Professor Khalil I. Semaan, 2008
SmithEdward A. Smith (SCRC)       
SnowSnow Clan Fund,      In Memory of John Ben Snow
SquiresGift of David T. Squires      Gift of David T. Squires
StablerEd Stabler Syracuse Chargers National Distance Running Collection      Ed Stabler Syracuse Chargers National Distance Running Collection
UrichGift of Paul W. Urich,      Gift of Paul W. Urich,
Van DykeVan Dyke Fund,      In Memory of Donald Van Dyke
WalkerWalker Fund,      Walker Fund
WattsGift of James Watts,      Gift of James Watts
WeissGift of Peg Weiss Collection,      Gift of Peg Weiss Collection
WhiffenWhiffen Fund      Whiffen Fund
WhitakerGift of Eileen Monaghan Whitaker Trust      Gift of Eileen Monaghan Whitaker Trust
WitkinGift of Jerome Witkin,      Gift of Jerome Witkin,

When a gift requires a bookplate it will come to cataloging with that information on the gift slip or sometimes with large gifts will be communicated via email.


The gift plate should be applied by the cataloging staff. The book plate should go on the inside front cover, not covering pertinent information.

Where to find them

Commonly used bookplates are stored in a wooden box on the gift shelves near Brian's desk. If you need a bookplate that isn't there, talk to Sue in the DBM unit.

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