Chinese leisure reading collection

Yuxin Yang, reference staff member and the Library's liaison with the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, or the library intern, will identify and verify OCLC records that may be used without intervention. Department LT4s will catalogue these.

(Yuxin and/or the intern will revise and upgrade those records not usable as is from OCLC or create workforms as needed.)

Currently these books are shelved on a free-standing bookcase near the current newspapers on Bird Library's second floor.

  • Location: bird,chin (item record type will be monograph, periodical, or serial as appropriate.
  • Physical identification: Books in the collection are identified through a call number preface (CSSA COLL) and one red strip applied below the call number label.
  • OPAC display text: Chinese Students and Scholars Collection
  • 590 note: Gift of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, [year].
  • Bookplate: Gift of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, [year].
  • Preservation will affix the red strips at the time spine labels are produced.
  • Workflow
    • Books arrive from Yuxin Yang (3 shipments expected yearly, summer, fall, spring)
    • Books remain together on labeled truck throughout this process.
    • In the absnece of an intern, cataloging staff search on OCLC, print record(s), insert printout in books.
    • Truck delivered to Yuxin Yang who will verify records.
    • Truck returned to Cataloging.
    • Books are cataloged, with In Process status set for item records.
    • Truck delivered to Preservation End Processing.
    • Preservation does usual end processing and affixes red labels to spine.
  • Outstanding questions:
    • Need a process to decide whether books are withdrawn or transferred to general collections as they cycle out of the leisure reading collection.
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