There are two kinds of DVDs and they are treated differently : Wellness Collection DVDs were purchased from the NASON fund and generally are about wellness, exercise, nutrition, etc. These should be identified by flags that say NASON. If the DVD is about wellness and there is no flag, check the fund code to determine if it was purchased on the NASON fund.

All other DVDs are general DVDs.

Match the record in Summit with the DVD/VHS/BLU-RAY

       *Title in 245 should be somewhere on DVD/VHS/BLU-RAY
       *Publisher in 264 should be somewhere on DVD/VHS/BLU-RAY
       *Physical description in 300 a should match the item in hand.
*33X should match the item in hand **If your 300 field says videocassette and you have a DVD or BLU-RAY, go to OCLC get correct record and overlay
**If your 300 field says 1 disc and you have in hand 1 videocassette, give to supervisor. *Date in 264 should be somewhere on DVD/VHS/BLU-RAY unless in brackets. If in brackets, just accept the date. *If there are performance rights that are not for SU, delete the 540.
 *If SU does have performance rights, add 590 to the bib  record.
590 _ _ ‡a Public performance rights included, restrictions apply.
        *There should be at least one Subject Heading. If record lacks a Subject Heading create one.
        *If record needs a gift note or a fund note add info in a 590.
        *Add your 948 stat field
        *If you have a "See Reference" in the validation box, you need to change the heading to the appropriate authorized heading. 
        *If you have a non-existent heading in a 650 or 651 and the second indicator is not 0, delete heading. If the second indicator is 0, check OCLC for a correct heading. 
        *If you can find separate records for multi piece titles, use them. Medianet prefers to have one record per piece. There is an exception to this rule -- if it is a long playing movie, or an opera -- something that would not make sense to circulate in parts and pieces, use one bib record for the title. 

Accompanying material with VIDEO

If there is an accompanying material guide, booklet, it gets the same accession number as the video.                   


General DVDs and VHSs and BLU-RAYs are given an accession number. The first indicator in the 852 is an 8 when using accession numbers. Do not duplicate accession numbers even you have an exact match.

     Note: prior to 2023, duplicate accession numbers were assigned to exact match copies. 

There is a list of accession numbers posted in Monograph Catalog Librarian's cube. Take a number range and use those numbers. An example of the format of the 852 field is:

 |b med,vid ‡h Video ‡i DVD ‡i 14290
 |b med,vid ‡h Videocassette ‡i 14290 
 |b med,vid ‡h Video ‡i BLU-RAY ‡i 14290
  Holdings with Accompanying material 
  852  1 ‡b med,vid ‡h Video ‡i DVD ‡i 11111
866 0 ‡8 0 ‡a disc 866 0 ‡8 0 ‡a Guide
  *If we have performance rights you add a 590 to the OCLC record and an 845 to the holdings record.   
   845 _ _ ‡a Public performance rights included, restrictions apply.

DVDs to be cataloged for the Wellness collection are different They are assigned LC call numbers with a subfield |m [DVD] at the end. An Example is

  ‡b med,well ‡h B53.R2 ‡i H52 2007 ‡m [DVD]

In either case add volume info in a 866 if needed for Multi disc sets.


In most cases multiple DVDs housed in one box will be represented on one item record as multiple pieces. If you have a Television series [NYPD Blue season 2, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, CSI] put each disc in a separate box and give each box an item record. The Enum should contain the disc number.

Create an item record.

           *Item type is Video disc. 
           *Item type for VHS is video tape. 
           *The barcodes for all DVDs/BLU-RAYs will be put on the  upper left hand corner of the case. All DVDs/BLU-RAYs need to be in "standard" DVD case. If the size is something other than standard size, put DVD in a "standard" DVD case (housed in Room 550).
           *Barcode goes on VHS lower left hand corner (as you would hold it to put it into player)  
           *Accompanying guide gets its' own barcode with the Item type Monograph.   

Update record on OCLC

Write a slip of paper with the Accession number or the Call number and attach to DVD case, so Marking can match the label with the case.

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