Cataloging SU dissertations

Dissertations may come in different formats, print and electronic.

PRINT: A Dissertation granted by SU will get a core cataloging record input on OCLC, with the addition of the following fields:

                500 with the name of dissertation advisor. 
                710 for the name of the grad school.
                502 with degree information.
                record type is t for unpublished material.
                It is given a call number and goes to the stacks.

ELECTRONIC: go to Current research at SU website and pull up their list of titles. Create a list for the desired year e.g. to find all PhDs in 2002: The search is DG () and yr () i.e. DG (phd) and yr (2006)

Use dissertation template.

Fill in the blanks with information from website

 020        ISBN, add when available, if not delete line
 100       Author, include birth year if given Mandatory copy from website.
 245        Title, Mandatory, copy from website.
 260        in a subfield c  date of dissertation
 300         number of pages
 500        Advisor, add if available, if not delete line
 502        add date after comma.
 500        Publication number, add publication number when available, if   not available, delete the line
 520        Summary.  Add this field locally. Not on OCLC. Copy the abstract from the website. Delete extra  spaces.
 6XX        Subject heading, add from website.
 710        Standard SU Grad school.
 710        Add name of degree granting dept. of known.
 856         leave as is.
 008              Add the date

After importing we make local edits: Add the 520 by pasting it from the Current Research site.


   MFHD work.

The MFHD should read

       852     inet

Copy and paste the 856 from the Bibliographic record

Check work on OPAC. Look at short and detailed views. Make any corrections including correcting spacing.

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