Draft 5 4/07

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       Procedures for processing of e-book package titles

Most package records will be bulk loaded. We will review them and complete MFHD.

   Bibliographic record:
       * Verify that these fields are present:
             o 006
             o 007
             o 245 |h (and of course a and b)
             o 538
             o 506
             o 533 (if considered a reproduction)
             o 655 (Genre should be Electronic books)
             o 710 (referring to package title)
             o 856
   Do not catalog any serial records.  Report them to supervisor.


       * Generally we will accept the record as is. You should delete
             o Outside Library's 590
             o 690
             o 530 a
             o Non- LC Subject headings should be deleted, if that leaves the record without Subject heading, then create some.
  • Field 856 should read 856 4 0 |z Electronic resource: |u http://url/
  • Perform authority validation. You may need to change some |x to |v as appropriate.


       In general electronic resources do have LC class numbers.
       *  Add suffix  subfield |m [Internet]
       * Add  an   845    Access restrictions apply
   852 0     |b inet |h TS184 |I .P58 |m [Internet]
   845        |a  Access restrictions apply
   856 4 0  |z Electronic resource: |u  http://url/ here  

Statistics: State as an electronic resource. The piece count should be 0.


== Ebook Package procedures ==

Monograph ebook Cataloging Package Name ___________

                                                                                                               Total records ____________

OZE communicates that a package is here for review. Date ____________

We ask our quality assurance questions. Age of records Done ____________

Authority control

The records get broken in MARCEdit

Run and analyze the report Find serials

Find missing fields Done _____________

Determine and note what changes need to be made to the records. We always add the package title Always add the 516 Always add the 503 Always delete the 530 Always delete any 590 or 69X Always add a 655 Electronic books All records need an 007 and 006. Done _____________

After editing package put in G drive Mono dept folder under edited ebooks.

Tell ILMS that package is ready for loading Done _____________ Inform them if load requirements are nonstandard

ILMS tells us Bib record numbers of test load.

Review the test loading records.

If records are OK inform ILMS. If not make corrections and work with ILMS to continue testing.

Write up procedures for any Summit editing and distribute work to staff.


Package Completed. ________________

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