Many of the colored flags have been eliminated. Instead, acquisitions provides a printout with the needed information. The information below is still accurate information about how to process the material once it arrives in cataloging.

A blue flag identifies the item as a RUSH RESERVE item

RED = RUSH A red flag identifies the item as a RUSH. Item will be located on RUSH shelf in cataloging. RUSH items include in-process requests and titles urgently needed for a specified reason.

ORANGE = Monograph ADDED COPY or REPLACEMENT An orange flag identifies item as a monograph added copy or replacement. They should be on the ADDS shelf in cataloging. If “add” item is also a RUSH, both red and orange flags are included and item is placed on rush shelf.

GREEN = ADDED VOLUME from a series or continuation (can be mono or serial) A green flag identifies item as an added volume from a series or continuation. Mono added volumes should be placed on “ADDED VOLUMES” shelf in cataloging.

PURPLE = RESTRICTED FUND A purple flag identifies the item as a restricted account item with a highlighted fund code on transmittal slip.

YELLOW = EXPEDITED A yellow flag identifies the item as one that requires expedited handling, as outlined by the RUSH Matrix. EXPEDITED items include REFERENCE, HOLD FOR, MLK.

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