Location decisions

The following elements work together to determine the cataloging location for a title:

                Call number
                Fund code
                Special instructions on order
                Type of material (paper, microform, electronic, etc.)
                Physical dimensions (oversize or not)
                Order location

Call numbers:

General guidelines:

  • If possible, do not use: Z over 1200 (prefer subject number)
  • If alternative subject call number provided, complete that call number and use it.
  • If no alternative call number is provided, use Z1200+ call number.

Never use:

  • PZ 1-4,
  • Canadian class numbers: PS8001-8599,
  • or, FC


  • Bird: can shelve any call number except GB-GC, Q, R, S, T*, U, V, Z

                      *Aug. 2022- TR call number shelved at Bird

        *G1000-G2999 will go to Atlas Collection, unless fund code, order location, or special instructions say otherwise

  • Carn: can shelve: Q, R, S, T (except TR), U, V, Z

                  ( *Geology: Library closed in 2015.

  • Physics: Library closed in May 2008. Catalog new PHYSICSM books for Carn location (or for Geol or Bird if call number guidelines require).
  • MLK: can shelve any call number
  • ARR: can shelve any call number
  • Belfer: can shelve any call number
  • Maps,atlas: can shelve any call number
  • Safire: can shelve any call number
  • Reference collections can shelve any call number – Reference items  ALWAYS have an item type of non-circulating.  (ref; carn,ref; maps,ref, govt,ref, etc.)

REFER Always goes to Reference (2nd floor, Bird)

MLKLIB Always goes to M.L.. King Library, Sims Hall

EARTH Note on order indicates Carn

PHYSIC Catalog new books for Carn or Bird as appropriate, Jan. 2008-

OFFRE Goes to an office location (Except for BSD, titles are suppressed from OPAC display)

DANA fund Goes to Safire Room

RAREBK DO NOT PROCESS (items go to special collections)

INTL funds Goes to DIPA (Division of Int’l Programs Abroad)

Relation between call number and fund codes (consult fund list if need be):

  • Humanities and Social Sciences fund codes classing in Q-Z: send to Carnegie unless there are additional instructions/location information.
  • Science fund codes (other than EARTH, MATHE) classing in A-P : send to Bird unless there are additional instructions/location information.
  • For periodicals, Serials will ask the bibliographer ordering a title when the call number would put the title in another library. Kelley or Chas will assign an alternative call number if necessary.

Special instructions:

       * King + King            location is arr
       * GIS lab                location is maps,gis  Item type Reserve 2 hour loan 
       * Atlas Coll             location is maps,atlas   
       * Room 358               location is maps,rm358
       * Maps – locked room     location is maps,rm358          
       * Saf or Safire          location is saf (Safire Room, 6th floor)
       * Belfer                 location is belf (Belfer Audio Archive)
       * “send to ____”         follow instructions, e.g. “send to Maps Ref”location is maps,ref
       * class D                bird,d 
       * class DA-DX            bird,da 
       * class number H-HD2200  bird,h-hd
       * class number HD2321-   bird,hd-  
       * class number N-NA      bird,n 
       * class number NB-       bird,nb
       * class number TR        bird,tr

Order location:

The order location may be used to determine permanent location if the call number, fund code, and special instructions do not suffice. Location format for Bird:

In Voyager, Bird locations are formatted for monographs by using bird, and the first letter of the class in the $b of the holdings record. For example: BL1234.H23 2011 would be bird,b $h BL1234 $i.H23 2011 in the holdings record. An exception to this is with the H-HX class numbers which had to be split between the 3rd and 4th floor. Please refer to the above chart for formatting locations.

Serials use the same convention but add an s after the class letter. If the example above was a serial, it would be bird,bs $h BL1234 $i.H23 If it was a periodical, it would be bird,bp $h BL1234 $i.H23

Type of material:

Microformat: Media or Science & Technology (fund code determines where)

CD-ROM / computer diskette : Media, Reference, MGI, Fine Arts, or science branch circ.desk

Atlas: atlas collection

Video: Media, unless MLK

Spoken word Media (not accompanying material, but stand alone sound recordings.)

Music parts are shelved with the score, no longer separate.

Physical dimensions:

  • Bird: under 30 cm.: regular stacks
  • Bird: oversize is 30-41 cm.
  • Atlas Oversize is 31-50 in height or more than 23 width. DO NOT USE Subfield k with oversize Atlases.
  • Atlas oversize flat is over 50 cm.


  • class M (scores--not ML, MT)
  • M3 oversize begins at over 38 cm.
  • class N (entire class)
  • oversize is 36-41 cm.
  • Bird: flats (4th floor): 42 cm. or more
  • MLK, and all reference collections: no oversize

Accompanying material

  • No labels