Composite audio/video

  • Located on the Media Controller, these can be used to connect components such as VCR and DVD players using composite RCA cables (yellow, red and white).

rca composite input

  • Select AUX VIDEO on the Media Controller to activate on the screen. 

rca composite input

Computer speakers

  • Speakers are built-in to the HD Display Screen.  
  • They can be accessed via the Presenter PC (Settings->System->Sound), HDMI or VGA/Audio input on your personal device. 

computer speakers device

  • Volume can be adjusted via the Media Controller under Volume 

computer speakers volume

Conference phone capable

  • Located at the Circulation desk (Bird library, first floor), the conference phone can be checked out, along with your room key, at the time of the event.

conference phone bagconference phone

  • Locate an Ethernet port in the room to connect the phone to (see Network). Connect the provided Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port.

ethernet cable

  • Connect the USB-C-to-Ethernet adapter to the USB-C port on the back of the phone. Then, connect the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the adapter.

conference phone usb-c portconference phone usb-c to ethernet adapterconference phone ethernet connected

  • The screen may flash for a second, then you'll see the boot screen while the phone is starting (takes about a minute). Once finished booting, the main screen will show up displaying the conference phone's phone number.

conference phone boot screenconference phone main screen

  • Instructions on how to start a conference call is located here.
  • An overview of the phone schematics and instructions is located here.
  • Additional wired microphones (with Mute buttons) are available with the phone, they connect to the ports located on the left and right side of the phone. You can extend the microphones up to 7 feet (2.13m) from the phone. For best results, place the microphones between 3 feet (0.91 m) and 7 feet (2.1 m) away from the phone. 

conference phone additional external microphonesconference phone external speaker port

HD Display screen

  • Located in the front of the room, mounted on the wall.  

hd display screen

  • The display can be turned On and Off from the Media Controller under Display 

hd display on off button


  • Located on the Media Controller, an HDMI input is available to connect personal devices to the HD Display Screen. 

hdmi port

  • Select HD HDMI from the Media Controller to activate the input.  

hdmi input

Keyboard and mouse (wired)

  • A wired keyboard and mouse are available in the room, on the table.

wired keyboard mouse

Media controller (non-touch)

  • Located on the wall-mounted shelve (underneath the HD Display Screen), this is used to control the input of the devices available in the room.  

media controller

  • Two USB ports, a VGA/Audio port, an HDMI port and composite RCA audio/video inputs are available.

media controller inputs

Network (wired, wireless)

  • An Ethernet port is located on the wall-mounted shelve, to the left of the Media Controller. 

ethernet port

Presenter PC

  • The PC is located on the wall-mounted shelve. Select CABINET PC from the Media Controller to activate on the screen. 

presenter pcpresenter pc input button


  • A VGA/Audio cable is available from the Media Controller, use these to connect older mobile devices to the HD Display Screen. 

vga inputvga cable

  • Select LAPTOP from the Media Controller to activate on the screen. 

vga input button