Checklist for processing multi-media format titles—DRAFT

This checklist applies to titles comprised of two or more non-print media, such as DVD and compact disc. These may include as well accompanying booklets or print guides.

  1. Catalog title as a unit with the general material designator (GMD) of the primary format included in the title statement (in $h of MARC field 245):
        1. DVD primary format = [video recording]
        2. CD primary format = [sound recording]
        3. CD-ROM primary format = [electronic resource]

1. Locate title and assign call number based on the primary format:

        1. DVDs to Media (Video accession numbers)
        2. Music CDs to Humanities and Fine Arts (Music CD accession numbers)
        3. CD-ROMs to appropriate service desk based on fund code or special instructions (LC call numbers).

1. Include additional formats as accompanying materials (in $e of MARC field 300)

1. Create MARC holdings record that lists each item (each in a separate 866-field)

        1. DVD
        2. Compact disc
        3. Booklet

1. Create item records based on how the package is housed. If all pieces are in a single container, create one item record with the appropriate piece count. If pieces are in separate containers, create an item record for each separately packaged piece.

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