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COVID-19 Impact - The Libraries and all SU campus buildings will not be open for use by non-affiliated patrons. Only people with a current, valid SU or ESF identification card can enter the Libraries and use our resources this fall.


Workstation Access

COVID-19 Impact - The number of computer stations in the libraries has been reduced to maintain social distancing requirements. Consider using our Remote Lab services if you need access to libraries computer's specific software or Syracuse University's Remote Desktop Services for basic public lab computing.

The Libraries computer workstations require a NetID and password log in and are reserved at all times for those with an SU/ESF I.D. card or alumni card (SU students, faculty, staff, alumni and spouses/partners/dependents).

Any library patron may access the library catalog through quick look-up stations located on floors 1-5 of Bird Library or request access to the government documents. 

If you have a problem logging into a workstation, please check that your password is correct by visiting SU NetID Services.  

Remote Workstation Access (RemoteLab)

The RemoteLab service offers Libraries users access to computers in Bird library from any location on or off campus via an Internet connection. Remoting into the lab computer is like sitting in front of it, even though you are at a different location. You will have access to all of Bird library's computer softwareAlternatively, basic public lab computing should be accessed via Syracuse University's Remote Desktop Services.

Workstation Locations

Library IT manages over 130 PC and several Mac workstations in various library locations on campus.  

Bird Library 

  • 1st Floor - Center of Bird library 1st floor and across from the Circulation desk.
  • 2nd Floor - Next to the circular stairs and east of the current periodicals and newspapers.
  • 3rd Floor - Past the service desk, by the stairwell.
  • 4th Floor - Near the circular stairs and in the media listening/viewing area (west side, towards Schine).

Carnegie Library 

  • 2nd Floor - Room 208.
  • 3rd Floor - Directly above the 2nd Floor Circulation desk.

Architecture Reading Room 

  •  3rd Floor - In the study room past the service desk.