There is a conflict between AARC2 and LC practice. US cataloging agencies catalog reproductions based on the original with the reproduction details in a note. This is reiterated in OCLC’s Bib Formats and Standards.


   Microfilm of printed material
   Electronic versions of printed material
   CD-ROM of a book.
   Paper print out of a website

SU Policy is to follow LC and describe the original using reproduction notes.

The 008 should match the 260

The 533/534 matching information in the 006/007

Several options for cataloging printouts of web resources. Refer to LCRI1.11A which give catalogers lessway.

Cataloging an off air videorecording long accepted practice, if a record already exists edit locally to reflect the individual copy..

245 GMD is coded for the reproduction

533 Provides descriptive data for a reproduction of an original item when the main portion of the bibliohgrap[hic record describes the original item and the data differ.

The |a contains a word or phrase describing the reproduction. |e corresponds to the 300 field.

539 field.

A note with coded information about the reproduction described in 533. OCLC implementated the field 539 in place of 533 |7 or MARC 21 format. Each 539 must follow its associated 533.

776 contains information concerning another available physical form of the target item (horizontal relationship)

   Microfilm Gets an accession number
   Microfiche gets an LC number.
   Material gets put on the rush processing shelf
   Accompanying booklet gets treated as accompanying material.
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