Tag Tables

Tag tables are rolled out with each new version of Voyager. Some releases have no changes in the tag tables and we are able to use the old tag tables with the new release. When the new tag tables provided with the new release are substantially different then we need to copy our changes over into the new version of the tag tables. Systems usually aids in identifying how different the new files are from the old files. Tag tables are usually "frozen" (Updates completed and handed to Systems) about a month before the upgrade date.

We usually make customizations to the Tag tables provided by Voyager.

          We make Tag Tables provided by vendor more up to date
          We include certain obsolete tags and subfields
          We add fields and subfields we use locally that aren't included in MARC
          We create customized templates for 006 and 007 fields

Changes can be made in two places depending on the nature of the change.

         Adding a field requires changing the appropriate MARC file and the Master file
         Changing or adding subfields requires changing the MARC file

Please document all changes in the file header and on the wiki so we can keep track of customizations.



Descriptionfieldsindicator 1indicator 2subfieldsrepeatablefiles to changes
Authority records400  add subf 4noAMARC4XX
Authority records410  add subf 4noAMARC4XX
Holdings record14  9noHMARC0XX
Bibliographic recordAdd 012_,0,1_,0,1add 1 and inoBMARC0XX, Master
Bibliographic record41  make a repeatyes field and subfieldBMARC0XX, Master
Bibliographic record42  add cnoBMARC0XX
Bibliographic record90  add hnoBMARC0XX
Bibliographic record100,110,130  6yesBMARC1XX
Bibliographic record240,245,246  6yesBMARC2XX
Bibliographic record250,260  6yesBMARC2XX
Bibliographic record440, 490  6yesBMARC4XX
Bibliographic record506, 540  uyesBMARC5XX
Bibliographic record536  add e-h, 6, 8noBMARC5XX
Bibliographic record533  7noBMARC5XX
Bibliographic record653  7noBMARC6XX
Bibliographic recordadd 692   yesBMARC6XX, Master
Bibliographic recordadd 693   yesBMARC6XX, Master
Bibliographic recordadd 694   yesBMARC6XX, Master
Bibliographic recordadd 691   yesBMARC6XX, Master
Bibliographic record700,710,720,740  6yesBMARC7XX
Bibliographic record776, 777  inoBMARC7XX
Bibliographic recordadd 880   yesBMARC8XX, Master
Bibliographic recordadd 948   yesBMARC9XX, Master
Bibliographic recordadd 9050=_ 1=00=_ 1=00=a 1MyesBMARC9XX, Master
Bibliographic recordadd 922   yesBMARC9XX, Master
Bibliographic recordadd 935   yesBMARC9XX, Master
Bibliographic recordadd 960   yesBMARC9XX, Master
Bibliographic recordadd 961   yesBMARC9XX, Master
Bibliographic recordadd 980   yesBMARC9XX, Master
Bibliographic recordadd 981   yesBMARC9XX, Master
Bibliographic recordadd 982   yesBMARC9XX, Master
Bibliographic recordadd 985   yesBMARC9XX, Master
Bibliographic recordadd 993   yesBMARC9XX, Master
Bibliographic recordadd 994   yesBMARC9XX, Master
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