The Appleby-Mosher Fund reflects the Maxwell School’s longstanding commitment to supporting faculty research and the production of exceptional scholarship. The Fund honors the first two deans of the Maxwell School, William E. Mosher and Paul H. Appleby. Mosher founded and served as the first president of the American Society of Public Administration before becoming Maxwell’s first dean in 1924. He later used this position to launch Maxwell’s one-year Public Administration program, which consistently ranks as the top Public Affairs program in the United States. Appleby maintained Mosher’s enthusiasm for Public Affairs after assuming the role of dean in 1947, declaring that “public administration in modern society is … an effort to inject into political situation the fruits of scientific thinking and…its concern for moral values and human beings.” 

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Lamis Abdelaaty, Political Science

Refugees in Crises

Kristy Buzard, Economics 

Research and Development Laboratories in the Production Process

Omar Cheta, History 

How Commerce Became Legal: Merchants and Market Governance in Late Ottoman Egypt 

Matthew Cleary, Political Science 

Multiculturalism in a Homogenizing State: Indigenous Politics in Oaxaca, Mexico

Christopher DeCorse, Anthropology

Cultural Entanglement and Foodways at Bunce Island, Sierra Leone

Azra Hromadžić  Vlasak, Anthropology

"Tourism Will Kill Us All!" Eco-populism and Eco-opportunism in Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Jenn Jackson, Political Science

Policing Blackness: How Intersectional Threat Shapes Black Politics 

Hugo Jales, Economics 

Baby Bonus Boom: The Effects of a Large Increase in South Korea's Baby Bonus Program 

Amy Kallander, History 

Between Colony and Metropole: Race, Empire, and French Carceral Systems 

George Kallander, History 

Animals in Early Modern Korea and East Asia

Minju Kim, Political Science

Do International Organizations Nurture or Select their Bureaucrats? 

Gabriela Kirk, Sociology 

"Alternatives" to Punishment and Social Inequality 

Prema Kurien, Sociology 

Claiming Citizenship: Race, Religion, and Belonging among New Ethnic Americans 

Amy Lutz, Sociology 

Access to Selective Colleges Pre- and Post-Grutter in Different Affirmative Action Contexts 

Kyrstin Mallon Andrews, Anthropology 

Crosscurrents of Risk: Navigating Changing Climates, Health, and Conservation in Dominican Seascapes 

Daniel McDowell, Political Science

Racially Biased Monetary Policy and Public Opinion of the Federal Reserve

Ryan Monarch, Economics 

Import Price Inflation across Different U.S. Demographic Groups 

Shannon Novak, Anthropology

Transnational Ritual Ecologies in the Wake of Plantations 

Thomas Pearson, Economics 

How Migration Impacts Fertility at Origin: Evidence from Mexican Migration to the U.S. 

Thomas Perreault, Geography and the Environment

Food and Water Security in a Changing Environment: Preliminary Research on the Bolivian Altiplano 

Gretchen Purser, Sociology 

The Rise of "Alt-Labor" Around the Globe 

Yüksel Sezgin, Political Science

The Muslim Family Law in Non-Muslim Democracies 

Gregory Smith

What Constitutes Victory? Individual Perceptions of Battlefield Success 

Junko Takeda, History 

The Japanese Indo-Portuguese Slave who Sued the Compagnie des Indes: The Story of Madame Constance, Maria Guyomar de Pinha, Thao Thong Kip Ma

Simon Weschle, Political Science 

What Do Voters Use Their Democratic Vote For? 

Robert Wilson, Geography and the Environment

Snow Farmers: Snowmaking, Irrigation Technology, and the Future of Skiing in a Warming World

Kristy Buzard, Economics

Who Ya Gonna Call? Investigating gender differences in demand for parental involvement

Matthew Cleary, Political Science

Multiculturalism in a Homogenizing State: Indigenous Politics in Oaxaca, Mexico

Sean Drake, Sociology

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: An Ethnographic Study of Student and Family Homelessness in New York State 

Peng Gao, Geography

Disentangling the impacts between climate change and human disturbance on river functions in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China

Erin Hern, Political Science

Understandings of Democracy and Political Behavior in Botswana and Uganda

 Samantha Herrick, History

Communication Networks and the Circulation of Historical Legends

Catherine Herrold, Public Administration

Delta Democracy: Pathways to Incremental Civic Revolution in Egypt and Beyond

Johannes Himmelreich, Public Administration

Good Decisions: Value Foundations for Data Science in the Public Sector

Azra Hromadžić, Anthropology

The Una River Emeralds: Producing Ecologically Conscious Children in Socialist Yugoslavia

George Kallander, History

Association for Asian Studies Conference: Animals and Premodern Korea

Prema Kurien, Sociology

Race, Religion, and Citizenship: New Ethnic Advocacy Organizations

Christopher Kyle, History

Political Communication in Early Modern England

Scott Landes, Sociology

IDD mortality outcomes annual report

Yoonseok Lee, Economics

Forecast Combination with Big Data

 Jun Li, PAIA

License Holding and Mobility Associated with Interstate Licensing Requirements Among Certified Nursing Assistants

Amy Lutz, Sociology

Children of Immigrants in Western Countries

 Daniel McDowell, Political Science

Descriptive Representation and Legitimacy Perceptions of International Organizations

Thomas Perreault, Geography

Highlands and Drylands: Water Security, Crop Diversity, and Climate Change in the Altiplano

Yüksel Sezgin, Political Science

Muslim Family Law Data-Visualization Project

Robert Wilson, Geography

Sandia: A Mountain, A Family, and the Climate Crisis

Yael Zeira, Political Science

The Politics of Allyship: Multiethnic Coalitions and Mass Attitudes Towards Protest

Baobao Zhang,  Political Science

Book Proposal: AI Governance in Our Age of Distrust

Maria Zhu, Economics

The Effect of 9/11 on Arab-American Name Americanization

Austin Zwick, Public Affairs

Global Smart City Policy Mapping

Lamis Abdelaaty,  Political Science

Coding Refugee Rights Worldwide Using Supervised Machine Learning

Edwin Ackerman, Sociology

The Origins of the Mass Party: Primitive Accumulation and Political Representation in Post-revolutionary Mexico and Bolivia

 Doug Armstrong, Anthropology 

Radiocarbon Dating at the La Soye contact period site, Dominica.

Susan Branson, History

Scientific Americans: Inventing the Nation, 1776-1876

Kristy Buzard, Economics

Quantifying GATT trade liberalization

Craige Champion, History

Citizen and empire in democratic athens and republican Rome

Ethan Coffel, Geography

Incorporating crop-climate interactions to improve projections of climate impacts on agriculture

Shana Gadarian, Political Science

Pandemic Politics: How COVID-19 Revealed the Depths of Partisan Polarization

Dimitar Gueorguiev, Political Science

Retrofitting Leninism

 Johannes Himmelreich, PAIA

Azra Hromadžić, Anthropology

Riverine citizenship and the struggle for water in postwar Bosnia-Herzegovina

Jenn Jackson, Political Science

Race, risks, and responses: mapping young Black Americans' responses to group threat

Seth Jolly,  Political Science

Patterns of Dimensionality: Party Competition and Representation in Europe

Leyla Karakas, Economics

Third party punishment in social dilemmas: The numbing effect

Prema Kurien, Sociology

The importance of a global and comparative perspective on religion

Scott Landes, Sociology

Assessing Morality Patterns of Children and Adults with Spina Bifida

Yoonseok Lee,  Economics

Time-Varying Risk Preference

Amy Lutz, Sociology

Working and teaching from home in NYS amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

Daniel McDowell,  Political Science

International expansion initiatives and public support for the Chinese Communist Party

 Merrill Silverstein,  Sociology

Aging Families in Chinese Society: Social, Demographic, and Policy Considerations

Brian Taylor, Political Science

Russian politics: A very short introduction

Janet Wilmoth and Andrew London, Sociology

Current Debates in Aging and the Life Course: Public Policy

Azra Hromadžić, Anthropology

Riverine citizenship and the struggle for water in postwar Bosnia-Herzegovina

Kristy Buzard, Economics

Lobbying and legislative uncertainty

Leyla Karakas, Economics 

Believers vs. deniers: Climate change and environmental policy polarization

Yoonseok Lee, Economics

Modeling average in big data environment

Maria Zhu, Economics

The role teachers play in contributing to "positive" racial stereotyping of Asian-American students

Peng Gao, Geography

Morphodynamic characteristics of braided rivers in the source area of the Upper Yangtze River

Timur Hammond, Geography

Sound of the commute: Hearing, belonging, and mobility in contemporary Istanbul

Natalie Koch, Geography

Imperial transition in the Arabian Peninsula: Science, state-making, and the history of American empire in the Trucial States

Tod Rutherford, Geography

Negotiated transitions? Industry 4.0, trade unions, and workplace representational institutions

Robert Wilson, Geography

Winter's end: The future of skiing in a warming world

George Kallandar, History

The royal and elite hunt in Korean history

Samantha Khan Herrick, History

Networks of shared imagination: Apostolic legends of medieval Europe

Junko Takeda, History

Avedik: Louis XIV's Armenian prisoner

Austin Zwick, Policy Studies

The just, smart city

Shana Gadarian, Political Science

Citizens' understandings and reactions to terrorism, surveys and experiments in the United States, Norway, Finland, and Spain

Dimitar Gueorguiev, Political Science

Hawks and doves in U.S.- China relations

Daniel McDowell, Political Science

Descriptive representation in international organizations: The effect of governance reform on IMF legitimacy

Dennis Rasmussen, Political Science

Fears of a setting sun: The disillusionment of America's founders

Yuksel Sezgin, Political Science

Reforming Muslim family laws in non-Muslim regimes: The role of civil courts

Ying Shi, Public Administration and International Affairs

Long-run effects of the Voting Rights Act

Positive stereotyping

Under-represented students in selective schools

Edwin Ackerman, Sociology 

Gender ideology and religious conservative social movements in Mexico

Scott Landes, Sociology

Racial-ethnic differences in educational trajectories for individuals with cognitive impairments: The case of ADHD

Gretchen Purser, Sociology

The project, politics, and performance of "job-readiness"

Azra Hromadžić, Anthropology

“We will not give up Una!” Water politics, pedagogies and infrastructures in Postwar Bosnia

Shannon Novak, Anthropology

On the stories of men and the substance of women: Courses and cycles through a Guyanese Kali Temple—and beyond

Theresa Singleton, Anthropology

David Dixon Porter’s report of El Maniel de Ocoa

Kristy Buzard, Economics

Research and development laboratories in the production process

Hugo Jales, Economics

On the effects of the minimum wage on employment, formality, and the wage distribution

Leyla Karakas, Economics

The power of identity politics: A behavioral political-economy analysis of policy-making

Yoonseok Lee, Economics

Nonparametric threshold and spatial sample splitting

Peng Gao, Geography

Understanding hydrodynamic processes controlling meandering rivers in China’s Zoige basin on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

Craige Champion, History

Citizens and empire in democratic Athens and Republican Rome

Radha Kumar, History

Whose river? The Kaveri dispute and political belonging

Martin Shanguhyia, History

African traditions in environmental control in western Kenya

Austin Zwick, Policy Studies

The smart, just city

Shana Gadarian, Political Science

Citizens' understandings and reactions to terrorism: Surveys and experiments in the United States, Norway, Finland, and Spain

Ryan Griffiths, Political Science

Acting like a state: De facto states and the CONIFA European Cup

Seth Jolly, Political Science

2019 round of the survey on party positions in Europe

Daniel McDowell, Political Science

International currency politics

Yüksel Sezgin, Political Science

Online Muslim family law portal and index

Steven White, Political Science

Race, social status, and census enumeration in the Post-Civil War American South

Scott Landes, Sociology

The obscuring effect of coding developmental disability as the underlying cause of death on mortality trends for adults with developmental disability: A cross-sectional study utilizing U.S. mortality data from 2012 to 2016

Gretchen Purser, Sociology

The project, politics, and performance of “job-readiness”

Nazanin Shahrokni, Sociology

“Pink Rides” go global: A comparative study of four illustrative cases of women-only taxis across the globe

Douglas Armstrong, Anthropology

Azra Hromadžić, Anthropology

Kristy Buzard, Economics

Yulong Wang, Economics

Timur Hammond, Geography

Tom Perreault, Geography

Susan Branson, History

Jeffrey Gonda, History

Amy Kallander, History

George Kallander, History

Junko Takeda, History

Dimitar Gueorguiev, Political Science

Daniel McDowell, Political Science

Simon Weschle, Political Science

Steven White, Political Science

Rebecca Peters, Public Administration and International Affairs

Michah Rothbart, Public Administration and International Affairs

Matthew Young, Public Administration and International Affairs

Cecelia Green, Sociology

Scott Landes, Sociology

Amy Lutz, Sociology

Gretchen Purser, Sociology

Azra Hromadžić, Anthropology

Shannon Novak, Anthropology

Guido Pezzarossi, Anthropology

Theresa Singleton, Anthropology

Cecelia Van Hollen, Anthropology

Kristy Buzard, Economics

Yeonsook Lee, Economics

Jan Ondrich, Economics

Peng Gao, Geography

Alan Allport, History

Craige Champion, History

Albrecht Diem, History

Samantha Herrick, History  

Amy Kallander, History

George Kallander, History

Gladys McCormick, History

Lamis Abdelaaty, Political Science

Christopher Faricy, Political Science

Shana Gadarian, Political Science

Dimitar Gueorguiev, Political Science

Daniel McDowell, Political Science

Danielle Thomsen, Political Science

Edwin Ackerman, Sociology

Amy Lutz, Sociology

Gretchen Purser, Sociology

Rebecca Schewe, Sociology

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