Each spring, the Dean’s Office invites applications from Maxwell faculty for summer funding for the graduate assistant of their choice to support preliminary research for and/or preparation of a proposal for external project funding. Successful faculty applicants are expected to submit a related proposal to an external funder and must provide a written report within one year of the issuance of the award. 

Active Funding Opportunities 

AY 2023-24

Upcoming Funding Opportunities 

AY 2024-25 

Release date: April 2025

Closed Funding Opportunities 

AY 2022-23

AY 2021-2022

AY 2021-2022

AY 2020-2021



AY 2022-2023

Kyrstin Mallon Andrews, Anthropology

Decompression sickness in depleted seas: Exploring the physiological consequences of climate change on commercial fishers in the Caribbean

Kristy Buzard, Economics 

What attracts and deters women and underrepresented minorities from economics? 

Robert Bifulco, Public Administration and International Affairs 

Evaluating effectiveness of early literacy policies: Comparing retention, retention plus student supports, and retention plus accountability policies  

Jun Li, Public Administration and International Affairs 

Preliminary analyses of health inequities experienced by older people with ADRD using home health care

Gretchen Purser, Sociology 

When work reappears: A collaborative ethnography of chip manufacturing in Syracuse 

Becky Schewe, Sociology

Flooding and infrastructural inequality: Human decisions drive flood risk

AY 2021-2022

Mona Bhan, Anthropology

De (humanizing) war: Artificial intelligence weapons and the future of the human

Julia Carboni, Public Administration and International Affairs

Research to practice: Hunger-free communities collective impact framework

Scott Landes, Sociology

COVID-19 vaccination outcomes among disabled and nondisabled adults

Andrew London, Sociology

Attitudes toward extramarital relationships in the context of spousal Alzheimer's Disease

AY 2020-2021

Kristy Buzard, Economics

Quantifying GATT trade liberalization

Margarita Esteves-Abe, Political Science

Politics of childcare in the US: Comparative study of states and cities

Johannes Himmelreich, Public Administration and International Affairs

The philosophical foundations of data science

Sebastian Karcher, Political Science

Developing standards and practices for verifying qualitative and multi-method research

Andre Ortega, Geography and the Environment

Comparative counter-cartographies, subaltern placemaking, and sustainable urbanization in the Global South

AY 2019-2020

Kristy Buzard, Economics | GA:  Jorge Valdebenito

Lobbying and legislative uncertainty

Peng Gao, Geography | GA: Atef Amriche

Obtaining morphological changes of braided rivers in the Qinghai-Tibet plateau using UAV, multispectral and SAR remote sensing

Erin Hern, Political Science | GA: Nneka Eke

Lessons in success: How Africa’s high performers achieved positive outcomes under adverse circumstances

Emily Wiemers, Public Administration and International Affairs | GA: Hannah Patnaik

The strength of the family safety net during the coronavirus pandemic

Yingyi Ma, Sociology | GA: Crystal Lee

Chinese students amidst COVID-19: Double binds and difficult choices 

Gretchen Purser, Sociology | GA: Madeleine Hamlin

Freedom commons: Entanglements of social and penal policy in housing provisions for the poor

Peng Gao, Geography | GA: Atef Amriche

Obtaining high-resolution river morphology using UAV and structure from motion photogrammetry

Colleen Heflin, Public Administration and International Affairs | GA: Akanksha Patnaik

Childcare policy research partnership 

Michah Rothbart, Public Administration and International Affairs | GA: Mattie MacKenzie-Liu

Statewide, longitudinal analysis of malleable factors related to high school completion outcomes for students with disabilities

Kristy Buzard, Economics | GA: Jorge Valdebenito

Research and development laboratories in the production process

Mengxiao Liu, Economics | GA: Yimin Yi

The effect of mergers & acquisitions on multinational firms’ innovation decisions

Sherburne Abbott, Geography

Using the science of societal benefits to inform and motivate action on environment and sustainability

Peng Gao, Geography | GA: Patrick Oberle

Long-term evolution of Onondaga Creek and its social and cultural impact on Riparian urban communities

Shana Gadarian, Political Science | GA: Akanksha Patnaik

American anxieties about globalization

Dimitar Gueorguiev, Political Science | GA: Aykut Ozturk

China foreign policy barometer

Gretchen Purser, Sociology | GA: Brian Hennigan

The project, performance, and politics of job readiness  

Nazanin Shahrokni, Sociology | GA: Fitore Hyseni

“Pink rides” go global: A comparative study of four illustrative cases of women-only taxis across the globe  

Merril Silverstein, Sociology | GA: Wencheng Zhang

Religiosity, health, and mortality over the adult life course

Cecilia Van Hollen, Anthropology | GA: Alisa Weinstein

Living with cancer at the crossroads: Assessing risks and seeking cures for reproductive cancers in India

Cecilia Van Hollen, Anthropology | GA: Jessica Posega

Cervical and breast cancer in India: A socio-cultural study

Kristy Buzard, Economics | GA: Hoang Pham

Lobbying, uncertainty, and the ratification of trade agreements

Peng Gao, Geography | GA: Siqi Li, Science and Engineering

Quantitative assessment of social and economic impacts of flooding on urban communities

Julia L. Carboni, Public Administration and International Affairs | GA: Francisco Santamarina

NSF Science of Organizations grant application

Rebecca Peters, Public Administration and International Affairs

Transportation administration in the borderlands: The moral and the material at the Zambia-Angola Border

Cecilia Van Hollen, Anthropology | GA: Jessica Posega

Cervical and breast cancer in India: A socio-cultural study

Peng Gao, Geography | GA: Gregory Ruetenik, Earth Science

Evaluating uncertainty and accuracy of modeling sediment dynamics over a storm event in a medium-sized watershed in central New York

Natalie Koch, Geography | GA: Tina Catania Urbano

Laboratories of liberalism: The impact of American higher education in the Gulf Arab states

Susan Millar, Geography | GA: Justin Hartnett

Snow cover, land use, and flood hazard: Understanding the impact of urbanization on local and regional climates and flood runoff

Carol Faulkner, History/Citizenship and Civic Engagement | GA: Cassandra Schmitt

Citizenship and civic engagement grant research

Tina Nabatchi, Public Administration and International Affairs | GA: Suyeon Jo

Patient engagement strategies for understanding and improving diagnostic safety in ambulatory care

Guido Pezzarossi, Anthropology | GA: Paul Noe

Determining market dependence in colonial Guatemala: Elemental characterization of Maya ceramic artifacts

Kristy Buzard, Economics | GA: Hyunseok Jung

Research and development laboratories in the production process

Peng Gao, Geography | GA: Gregory Ruetenik, Earth Science

Modification of an event-based watershed model, DWSM

Thomas Keck, Political Science | GA: Brandon Metroka

Toward a global repository of free speech jurisprudence

Shana Kushner Gadarian, Political Science | GA: Logan Strother

Understanding institutional interactions: Gender, race and representation

Spencer Piston, Political Science | GA: Laura Rodriguez Ortiz, Public Administration

The dehumanization of Black Americans in the contemporary United States

Gretchen Purser, Sociology | GA: Brian Hennigan, Geography

Faith-based job “readiness” programs

Shannon Novak, Anthropology | GA: Stephanie Gladyk, MSc Forensic Science

A bioarchaeological and biomolecular approach to intersections of social identities and local biologies at the Historic Spring Street Presbyterian Church, Manhattan (ca.1810-1846

Robert Rubinstein, Anthropology | GA: Shaundel Sanchez

Neighborhood trauma resulting from gun violence in Syracuse

Cecilia Van Hollen, Anthropology | GA: Jonathan Jackson

Socio-cultural responses to cervical and breast cancer screening projects in India

Kristy Buzard, Economics | GA: Yusuf Bagir

Endogenous politics and the design of international trade institutions

Abdulaziz Shifa, Economics | GA: Shulin Shen

Optimal taxation in a developing economy with limited fiscal capacity

Jacob Bendix, Geography | GA: Michael G. Commons

Geographic variation in the impacts of California riparian wildfire

Peng Gao, Geography | GA: Justin Hartnett

Modeling event-based nutrient movement at the watershed scale

Mark Monomier, Geography | GA: Emily Bukowski

Inventing cartography

Ines Mergel, Public Administration | GA: Ari Epstein

Open innovation and open collaboration in government

Merril Silverstein, Sociology | GA: Yooumi Lee, Social Science

Does a step-gap equal a caregap in the intergenerational relationships of older adults?

Christopher R. DeCorse, Anthropology | GAs: Samuel Amartey, Sean Reid

Assessing the impacts: Coastal Sierra Leone during the Atlantic Slave Trade

Kristy Buzard, Economics | GA: Jae Yoon Lee

Trade policy and institutional structures

Eloenora Patacchini, Gary Engelhardt, Doug Wolf; Economics, Public Administration and International Affairs | GA: Jordan Christopher Stanley, Economics

The impact of social networks on the health care and living arrangements of older Americans

Gladys McCormick, History | GA: Jennifer Monti, Languages, Literature, and Linguistics

The untold story of political prisoners in mid-twentieth century Mexico, and the life of a forgotten hero: The case of Jacinto Lopez and his fight for rural Mexico

Glyn Morgan, Political Science | GA: Ebrahim Soltani

Why are some majority Muslim countries more religious than others?

Ines Mergel, Public Administration and International Affairs | GA: Roza Vasileva

Big data in the public sector: Institutionalization of emergent governance mechanisms

Dawn Dow, Sociology | GA: Marcus Bell

The Black man’s code: How African American male college students navigate racial stigma

Madonna Harrington Meyer, Sociology | GA: Jessica Hausauer

Grandparenting children with disabilities

 Janet Wilmoth, Sociology | GA: Yooumi Lee, Social Science

Aging and disability

Peng Gao, Geography | GA: Michael Gurney Commons

(1) Identifying different processes of controlling the transport of sediment and geochemical materials in poorly and well-managed watersheds (2) General patterns characterizing suspended sediment load Dynamics from supply-limited to transport-limited watersheds

Hans Peter Schmitz, Political Science | GA: Lindsey Spector

The rise of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in middle-income countries: The role of TNGOs

Shena Ashley, SoonHee Kim, W. Henry Lambright; Public Administration and International Affairs, Political Science | GA: Flavia Rey de Castro Pastor

Global governance and public administration: The future of the discipline

 Robert Bifulco, Public Administration and International Affairs | GA: Sun Jung Oh

The impact of race-neutral school assignment on school segregation

David Van Slyke, William Banks; Public Administration and International Affairs | GA: Nicholas J. Armstrong

The prospects of institutional transfer: An analysis of U.S. security assistance contracts as an inducements for developing Afghan National Security Forces

Rebecca Warne Peters, Public Administration and International Affairs | GA: Megan Lee

In the absence of the state: Contests over professional childbirth care and the role of international organizations in post-war Angola

Cecilia Green, Sociology | GA: Yan Liu

The new Chinese presence in the Anglophone Caribbean 

Prema Kurien, Sociology | GA: Jocelyn Killmer

The political incorporation of religious minorities in Canada and the U.S. 

Andrew London, Janet Wilmoth; Sociology | GA: Jessica Hausauer

Veteran health: Analyses of behavioral risk factor surveillance system (BRFSS) data

Yingyi Ma, Sociology

Why are they initially over-represented, but ultimately under-represented?: An investigation of the attainment of a science/engineering bachelor’s degree for racial minorities

Douglas Armstrong, Anthropology | GA: Katherine Hicks

Archaeological exploration of the transition from indentured to enslaved Labor in seventeenth century Barbados

John Burdick, Anthropology | GA: Melinda Gurr

What difference do TNGOs make to Indigenous struggles in Brazil and Guatemala?

Shannon Novak, Anthropology | GA: Anthony Faulkner

The children of Spring Street: A stable isotope study

Deborah Pellow, Anthropology | GA: Kwame Edwin Out

 The changing cartographies of embodiment in Postcolonial Ghana

William Horrace, Economics | GA: Ying Deng

Two-stage least squares with aggregated instruments

Devavish Mitra, Mary Lovely; Economics | GA: Ian Wright

Globalization and entrepreneurship in developing Asia

Jamie Winders, Geography | GA: Thor Ritz

Between making a living and making a place: Understanding immigrant/native-born tensions in new destinations

Matthew Cleary, Political Science | GA: Ioana Emilia Matesan

Indigenous autonomy in Southern Mexic

Ines Mergel, Public Administration | GA: Pat Fiorenza

Knowledge incubation in the public sector

Amy Lutz, Sociology | GA: Gokhan Savas

Immigrant-native differences in college destinations among Blacks and Whites in the post-Grutter era

John Burdick, Hans Peter Schmitz; Anthropology, Political Science | GA: Jesse Harasta

The impact of rights based approaches (RBA) on grassroots activism and advocacy

 Peng Gao, Geography | GA: Maria Josefson

Dynamic linkage between variable sediment sources and downstream sediment load at the watershed scale

Thomas Perrault, Geography | GA: Barbara Greene

Mining, water, and rural livelihoods in the Bolivian Andes

Subho Basu, History | GA: Saneep Banerjee

Contested homeland: Colonial geography, territoriality and Muslim nationalism in Bengal

Gladys McCormick, History | GA: Robert Solonick

Authoritarianism and popular mobilizations in mid-twentieth century Rural Mexico

Margaret Usdansky, Sociology | GAs: Chantell Frazier, Alecea Standlee

Promoting successful career trajectories among women and minority STEM faculty

Prema Kurien, Sociology | GA: Anirban Acharya

Globalization, religion, and ethnic politics: Indian Americans in the public sphere

Yingyi Ma, Sociology | GA: Dan Zhang

Higher education in China: Opportunity or quagmire?

Hongying Wang, Political Science | GA: Jing Lin

The political economy of China's new welfare state

Tina Nabatchi, Public Administration | GA: Greg Munno

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