Eight recommended elements for writing a concise and compelling specific aims page


Sample Applications and More

Some useful samples and examples that are part of the grant application from NIAID and NIH, including sample applications and summary statements, data sharing, and model organism sharing plans.

Prepare Your Application

Writing a successful grant application requires careful planning, starting with choosing a project that will excite the application's audience, its peer reviewers. In this part, we give you a strategy for picking a research project tailored to your experience and qualifications as well as information and advice on designing the research and preparing your application.

 Plan Your Budget and Personnel

Learn what you need to address when building a team, identifying your resources, and planning a budget you will submit to reviewers.

Additional Application Elements

There are many additional elements that are important to the overall grant application process and will help in the success of your application. Make sure you've considered these elements before submitting an application for review.

 Research with Special Considerations

If you are proposing or conducting certain types of research, there may be additional requirements for your application as well as policies you'll need to follow to comply with federal law and NIH requirements.

 Submitting an Application

Take action to prepare for your application's submission by understanding timelines and due dates, learn how to comply with technical requirements, and learn what to do if your application isn't funded.

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